2014 Desert RATS Stage Race Day 1

Stage 1 Racer Posts are here! 

The Salt Creek Stage is 19 miles long and runs from Loma CO to Rabbit Valley right at the Utah border. The racers were graced with cooler temperatures than usual and every racer made it to the finish before the cut-off. Great start to Desert RATS 2014! Here are their thoughts on the first day:


Name: Jim Morrison

Made it! Had a good day running with Jeff and John, 4:39 for the toughest 19.8 miles I’ve run in a while.  Like, since last year on this course.  Felt good and the sprits in camp are high.  Thanks, Jim


Name: Heather Loeffelholz

Wow!!  To those of you that thought I was crazy for doing this…you might have been a little bit right.  The scenery is stunning but unfortunately I am spending most of my time looking at the ground so I am missing a lot of it.  Had my first crash about 20 mins into the day.  Nice to get that out of the way early.  Started to run into trouble at mile 10.  Stomache and headache (maybe heat and altitude).  Got help at the aid station and struggled with the final 6 miles but made it in.  Day 1 done and it was hard.  Tomorrow is going to be a challenge.  Love to HZD.


Name: Samantha Badass Pruitt

Three Words…….HOT WIND TUNNEL. Day 1 was beautiful, the people and the course. So far so good. My body and mind are in the game. Big THANKS to Hubby Dave for allowing me to be such a dirt diva and driving this motorhome all over the dirt roads in the middle of nowhere so I can race gluten free and use a real toilet. #raceslo is loving it! WooHoo!


Name: Karen Ray

I will make this short and sweet… this will be a life changing experience.  I am looking forward to sharing my adventure with all of you when I get home.  Miss you- k-ray


Name: Jorge Latre

Fortitude school. Got lost one time… then again tryng to figure out how I was lost. The two data samples provided the answer but cost 6 miles. The psychological blow of going from 2nd to last on the first day was impressive… made up for it by regaining as much time as possible… and possibly mortgaging the fuel for day 2… Fortunately I got lost with Becky and we worked together to get ourselves out of trouble. Thank you Becky!


Name: Gary Whittington

I had a really good day running and would have come in second  but I incurred an hour penalty by absent-mindedly leaving emergency bag at last aid station. Those of you who know me well will not be surprised. Trying to avoid getting too bummed as  it really doesn’t matter.  Terrain is spectacular. I feel strong after day one.



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