2014 Desert RATS Stage Race Day 2

Stage 2! Stage 2 can be the hardest stage of the race for many athletes. It’s 32 miles of  trail and the distance combined with the heat are often overwhelming. This year the racers had to deal with high winds also, but they pulled it off and every RAT made it through the finish line with time to spare.


Stage 11 Racer Posts, 2014 Desert RATS

Name: Ryan W Guldan; What a tough stage! Regardless of the lower than average temperatures today the wind added an element of extra tough. I can’t think of very many places today where the wind was not straight head-on or weak enough to hear my music through my ear buds. Nevertheless, it was great seeing all the other runners come in completing a very tough day that is deserving of a very good meal. Milts. That is what is on the menu tonight and will put us to sleep tonight in preparation of stage 3. Yum!

Name:Jorge Latre – I had never run in a wind tunnel – until today! It was great fun because you had to find the proper position and cadence for it – head down! Buff on face! I sure am glad we did not get just heat poring over us – the wind cooled us down; and forced us to drink water as fast as we could! The views were breathtaking during the first half.

Name:K-Ray- First I must say… I felt very loved this morning. I had so many encouraging notes before stage two started, more than anybody. I love my family and friends. Thank you. Today was brutal, but I finished with a smile! We crossed the border from Colorado to Utah this evening. The winds were incredibe. Crazy! We were able to clean up in the river and I am happy to have the dirt off my face. I am having a blast and staying safe. Don’t worry Andy, I am fine! xo

Name: Wendy Drake – Thank you Roland! I used my Wildrun buff today in intense winds and sand blasts. I knew I’d have as long day when I unexpectedly wound up at I-70. Oops. Turn around. Best part was catching up to Chris and exchanging notes on other international stage races and later with Heather then Stan Lee who’s completed 15 international stage races. I’m in big trouble. Hooked on the stage! AND Samantha and Dave brought their 9 year old girl, Bella, who greeted me just before Aid 1 with a big kiss. Totally made my day!

Name: Heather Loeffelholz That was hard. I felt much better today but the conditions are brutal. Hot, dry and very windy. I ran, walked and crawled but I made it. The good news is that I have not seen one single bear, however I have been attacked by a least a dozen tumbleweeds. Had a dip in the Colorado river. Rumour has it that this is the toughest stage eventhough it is not the longest, so I am happy to have this one behind me. H, Z and D you were a great inspiration on some very tough sections. Thanks for being such a centre to my being. Love you. Excited for tomorrows shorter day.

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