2014 Desert RATS Stage Race Day 3

Stage 3 Racer Posts! Day 3 was a fast race and a day of fun. The racers completed 11 miles this morning and the trails couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was calm and cool, and the views were stunning. The rest of the day was spent with a picnic feast and swimming in the Colorado River at the campsite. Everyone had a little time to rest up and get ready for the 52 mile Expedition Stage starting tomorrow at 7am.

STAGE III Racer Posts Desert RATS 2014

Name: Wendy Drake. Antidote for international travel cold? Run 70 miles on the Kokopelli Trail. Feel so much better than the first two days, which felt like slogs. Short 12-mile day today. Afternoon spent relaxing along the river reading the last of Jill Homer’s “Be Brave, Be Strong.” Her memoir of riding the Great Divide Trail was preceded by her ride on the Kokopelli Trail. I’ll need her mantra tomorrow for the 52-mile stage into the La Sal mountains. Wildrunners and Boulder Banditos – wish you were here too to run with all these amazing athletes.
Name : Heather Loeffelholz. Day 3 done!! This was the “short” day and we sure did enjoy it. Beautiful scenery. Lots of rocky trail running along the Colorado river. No tumbleweeds but lots of lizards to keep me company. Amazing campsite tonight right on the Colorado river. Had an awesome massage and spent the day chilling, getting ready for the big day tomorrow. Spending time getting to know to really great people. Body is feeling good and I am excited to be here experiencing all of this. Looking forward to seeing my “crew” on Friday. I hope your travels are going well. Thanks to Vicki and Jocelyn for your support. It means a lot.

Name: Jim Morrison. Tuesday was a tough day, even though I walked most of the 34 miles, still got a little behind on my fluids and was a little down. Just walked the 9 miles today as I still wasn’t feeling great. Now it is 6:00 pm and I am feeling much better, but may not run the 52 miles tomorrow. Having a great time, with lots of great people.

Name: Jorge Latre. Wednesday was a mellow day with a “normal run” in very beautiful intimate surroundings (to quote Matt’s apt and concise description). The morning light gives a particularly gorgeous glow to all the butes and canyons around us. The combination of slick rock, packed dirt, sand, washes, and even pavement from time to time, keep our feet amused and busy. Just as I was spared the full brunt of Alaska in February, we have been spared the full brunt of the Moab heat so far – substituted with formidable winds on Tuesday. Reid’s fabulous team kgreateeps us focused on our running adventure. Tomorrow is the monster stage!
K-Ray: Today was a great day. Shorter run and good laughs. Tomorrow is our big day. You won’t get a post from me tomorrow, but I will touch base the following day. Missing life in the 505, but making great memories. I will keep you all posted. xo- k-ray

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