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20 Jan 2011

The 2011 Twin Mountain Trudge Turns Epic by Ray Churgovich

I would like to thank Alec Muthig, Josh Fuller, Nate, Josh Artery, Ted, the entire Twin Mountain Trudge Crew who stayed late into the night until I was safe and Search & Rescue. Without all of your help my Epic adventure could have had a very sad ending. The 2011 Twin Mountain Trudge Turns Epic Epic is the term that mountain climbers use when they talk about a climb that went wrong. The party got lost, gear was dropped, days […]

20 Dec 2010

Winter Thrills and Chills-Adventures in the Cold

Depending on where you live, and how you approach the season, winter can mean many things to endurance athletes. For some, trails remain open and accessible, for others, deep snow and deeper freezes change everything. This article will explore a few of the techniques and special pieces of equipment that can help make winter adventures safer and more fun. I can’t stand the treadmill. Sorry, I just can’t do it. And the thought of being sequestered to road running for […]

18 Nov 2010

Wind River Crossing 2010

Wind River Crossing The Wind Rivers are a beautiful mountain range, with the majority of acreage preserved as Wilderness, featuring Wyoming’s High Point – Gannett Peak (13,810′)   Location: West Central Wyoming – Pinedale/Dubois (south of Teton/Yellowstone)   Distance: 45+ miles Permit: Not required Level: Advanced Scenery: Stunning!   Alec Muthig, past Gemini Events staff, attempted an unsupported 45mi run with two friends over the spine of the Wind River Range in 2010.   Dubois, WY – In the mid-1990s, […]