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19 Aug 2014

2013 Desert RATS Results

Place Bib Name Age Gender Location Div Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Penalties Overall 1 4 Ryan Guldan M Denver CO 3:08 7:09 1:15 13:53 3:59 29:24 2 41 Brian Zehnder M SLC UT 4:09 8:02 1:30 11:50 5:11 30:42 3 21 Leon Vandenhoven M Oshawa CAN 3:55 8:11 1:24 12:48 5:02 31:20 4 3 Ashley Arnold F 5:11 7:09 1:15 13:53 4:05 31:33 5 32 Rosie Warfield F Honolulu HI 4:05 9:11 1:34 12:49 […]

13 Aug 2014

Training – Ultrarunner and Coach Lisa Smith Batchen Breaks Record!

Death Valley, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 Renowned ultra-distance runner Lisa Smith-Batchen finished a 584 mile run in California’s Death Valley last week, becoming the first female ultramarathoner in the world to cross the famed Badwater-to-Mt. Whitney course four times back-to-back in an effort to fundraise for cleaner, healthier water across the world. The run lasted a total of 14 days, with temperatures reaching as high as 127 degrees Fahrenheit. Smith-Batchen was forced to deal with prolonged bouts of wind and sand […]

02 Jul 2014

50% Off for Old Friends, New Friends – Desert RATS 2015!

This year we’re offering returning registered racers and their friends 50% off the registration price for RATS 2015! One of the best things about the Desert RATS Stage Race is watching complete strangers transform into a part of the RATS family as they cross the Kokopelli Trail. These friendships form deep bonds that will last forever and we’re always looking to expand this family. Register now at Active.com! Discount Details:

17 Jun 2014

2014 Results

Bib Name Location Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Penalties Overall 1 Ryan Guldan denver 2:51 5:38 1:20 9:13 3:44 22:46 14 Jorge Rufat-latre boulder 4:38 6:16 1:31 9:36 4:00 26:01 9 Becky Kirschenmann Klamath Falls 4:38 6:16 1:41 10:11 4:08 26:54 12 Mathew Crownover sunnyvale 5:19 7:43 1:46 13:35 4:08 32:31 13 Wendy Drake boulder 4:14 8:50 2:08 12:36 5:32 33:20 4 Jeff Cooper Richmond Hill 4:38 8:32 2:04 14:38 5:52 35:44 11 John Versteeg […]

04 Jun 2014

2014 Desert RATS Stage Race Day 1

Stage 1 Racer Posts are here!  The Salt Creek Stage is 19 miles long and runs from Loma CO to Rabbit Valley right at the Utah border. The racers were graced with cooler temperatures than usual and every racer made it to the finish before the cut-off. Great start to Desert RATS 2014! Here are their thoughts on the first day:   Name: Jim Morrison Made it! Had a good day running with Jeff and John, 4:39 for the toughest […]

04 Jun 2014

2014 Desert RATS Stage Race Day 2

Stage 2! Stage 2 can be the hardest stage of the race for many athletes. It’s 32 miles of  trail and the distance combined with the heat are often overwhelming. This year the racers had to deal with high winds also, but they pulled it off and every RAT made it through the finish line with time to spare.   Stage 11 Racer Posts, 2014 Desert RATS Name: Ryan W Guldan; What a tough stage! Regardless of the lower than average […]

04 Jun 2014

2014 Desert RATS Stage Race Day 3

Stage 3 Racer Posts! Day 3 was a fast race and a day of fun. The racers completed 11 miles this morning and the trails couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was calm and cool, and the views were stunning. The rest of the day was spent with a picnic feast and swimming in the Colorado River at the campsite. Everyone had a little time to rest up and get ready for the 52 mile Expedition Stage starting tomorrow […]

04 Jun 2014


Stage 4 Racer Posts! We are through the 52 mile Expedition Stage! The race started at 7am and the last racers reached basecamp at 2am the next day. There are so many things to say about this section of the the Desert Stage IV Desert RATS Racer Posts 2014 Name: Wendy Drake. A mixed day. Started emotional missing Marcy all the way into Onion Creek Aid where the Boulder Bandito mascots greeted me courtesy Sherry Remick. I left Onion Creek after […]

04 Jun 2014

2014 Desert RATS Stage Race Day 5

Coming soon! Check here June 15-21 for the daily racer blog posts for the 2014 Desert RATS Stage Race.

16 Apr 2014

Gemini News – 2014 Desert RATS Trailrunning Festival Dedicated to Marcy Servita

Marcy working with Global Dental Relief The Boulder, Colorado running community lost a beloved member this March. Marcy Servita was a well respected ultrarunner with many friends across the country. She battled her pancreatic cancer with the help of these friends and now the Gemini community would like to honor her memory and ultra spirit by dedicating our 2014 Trailrunning Festival to her. Marcy’s friends are also supporting Global Dental Relief in her honor. Her good friend Wendy shares Marcy’s […]