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30 Jul 2013

Desert RATS Trailrunning Festival 2013

by TrailAndUltraRunning.com Gemini Adventures hosts more than just a race in Fruita, CO in April of every year. By all definitions it is truly a festival. They start with a pre-race dinner at a local hotel on Friday, the marathon and double-marathon on Saturday, followed by awards and a party, then a half marathon and 5 miler on Sunday; a whole weekend of events. With proper planning runners should attempt to attend all of the weekend’s activities as it will […]

28 Dec 2012

On the Trails: Reminiscing Desert RATS 2012 by Gregg Lemkau

On the Trails: Desert RATS Expedition Stage by Gregg Lemkau When I opened my eyes on the dawn of the 52-mile expedition stage, I was in good spirits. A medic had lanced my toes the night before and wrapped them in various tapes. I thought I was ready to go, but after wiggling my toes and stretching my feet the thought of standing made my stomach turn. The blisters had healed and refilled overnight. I awkwardly placed my beaten pads […]

30 Nov 2012

Gemini News: 24 Hours of Boulder…Endurance Races 2012 Recap

It was 5:30 on a Boulder morning, the sun wouldn’t ascend for another hour, and the staff, costume-adorned, traipsed from trailer to base camp to set up for the 24 Hours of Boulder…Endurance Races for an eighth consecutive year. A cat, a Viking, a dead hunter, and a dreaded Rastafarian race director set up shop at the Boulder Reservoir, on a platform overlooking the dark shoreline. Racers filtered in to register among flickering lights and hanging ghosts. A great group […]

11 Jul 2012

Race Report: Desert R.A.T.S. Stage Race By Colleen Corcoran

It is a long way between places. The desert spires and rock walls grow in size as the day progresses. They are red the way rust on weathered steel is red or like old nails jutting up from the earth’s core, and they cut refined silhouettes across the horizon, increasingly so as the sun begins to set. Scale is everything, size and distance and time across it. When the winds arrive and the dust and sand begin to stir, all […]

11 Jul 2012

Race Report: Desert R.A.T.S. Stage Race 2012 By Elise Maguire

Desert RATS (Race Across The Sand): A 235km footrace in the desert of Utah with a 13 pounds backpack – the perfect challenge for a crossfitter/ultra-runner. 2012 was the second hottest year since the race was created in 2006. Day1 (32km): 27 starters, the race started at 1:30pm in the heat of the day. I was strong for the first 22km, but then we had to fight a violent wind for the last 10km. I decided to save up my […]

09 Jul 2012

On the Trails: 2012 100K Classic Endurance Mountain Bike Race By Courtney Olsen

On Friday May 11th, at the Rabbit Valley exit #2, the wind was playful, pulling tents from the desert. I-70 had closed because of the snow, and some of the 100K Classic Endurance Mountain Bike racers were forced to turn around and head home. Still, the med tent was erected, the course marked by a gang of muscular men on foot, by bike, by car, and most of the chiseled field were checking in and grabbing schwag at the LBS: […]

27 Jun 2012

“Cathedrals on the Sand” by Greg Pressler, written after the Expedition Stage of the Desert R.A.T.S. 2012

Cathedrals on the Sand Rising towers all around Sculpted by water Carved by wind Smoothed by time Untouched by hand These are the cathedrals on the sand Looming monoliths of all size Small and large alike We stand upon holy land Amongst these cathedrals on the sand No glass to stain Nor robes to wear Their decor derived from Sun, heat, and cold Multicolored stripes, striations, bands Upon these cathedrals on the sand Communing together awash in sweat Filing through […]

02 Jun 2012

2012 Desert R.A.T.S. Trail Running Festival

The sun was absent as racers entered into the funnel of the parking lot at the Mack exit, #11 just past Fruita, Colorado. The rattle of a cattle guard kept us alert as each car filed through. There was over a mile of parallel-parked cars with athletes walking or jogging into base camp to sign in for the 10th Annual Desert RATS Trail Running Festival. What might have been pre-race jitters for the crowd was by now hours of persistence […]

19 Jul 2011

Race Report – 2011 Desert RATS 148 Mile Race by Martin Schneekloth

(Stage 1) Day 0.5 In order to save some money on travel expenses and to acclimatize to the elevation, we arrived in Moab, Utah from Huntsville, Alabama via Denver, Colorado on Saturday afternoon in the second smallest plane I had ever been a passenger on. The pilot couldn’t have been more courteous. Our destination was the Desert RATS 148 Mile 5 stage (6 day) race that takes place at one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen within […]

22 Jan 2011

Desert Romp-Take a tour of Western Colorado canyons at the Spring Desert Ultras by Elinor Fish

APRIL 17, 2010, FRUITA, COLORADO—Every spring I procrastinate about picking a race to kick off the racing season, rationalizing that more early season mileage is sure to reduce the pain of that first all-out effort. But by mid-April, due to a series of late-season snow squalls that pummeled our corner of the Colorado Rockies, I had yet to set foot on the trails. So when my training partner, Joy, suggested we go to the Spring Desert Ultra 25-miler in Fruita, […]