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17 Nov 2018

Training – Why Less Flexible Runners Are More Economical

Check out the original article by Andy Dubois posted on the fantastic ultra168.com Studies have shown that less flexible runners have greater running economy. With so much focus on the importance of stretching you may be wondering how this makes sense. Why stretch if it decreases running economy and why is running economy improved if you are less flexible? Is stretching making us slower runners? Running economy is how efficiently a person uses oxygen at a given pace. So two people may be […]

06 Apr 2018
22 Mar 2018

Training for Desert RATS – with Heather Hart

Training for Desert Rats: How to Succeed at the Kokopelli 150 Stage Race Heather Hart – Find Heather at Relentless Forward Commotion Training for Desert Rats Kokopelli 150 multi day foot race is no small feat.  Mainly because the act of running the Desert Rats is also no small feat:  6 days of extreme heat, dry desert conditions, climbing, and back to back days of running high (even ultra marathon) mileage.  For some, this may sound like a miserable time. […]

28 Feb 2018

Gemini News – New Maps, Host Hotels & Volunteers

Things are cracklin’ around Gemini Headquarters as we get prepared for this year’s adventures!   New MAPS!  We now have updated maps to show recent re-routes and updated distances for the Trail Running Festival, Rabbit Valley Half, and Mountain RATS races.  Many thanks to the tireless work of COPMBA members maintaining the trails we enjoy! Host Hotel! Coming down for the Trail Running Festival or Rabbit Valley Half? Looking for a place to stay? Super 8 in Fruita will be our host hotel again. Let them know […]

17 Feb 2018

Training – Eight Tips in Preparing for Desert Endurance Races

Originally posted by Susan Nowell on Ultra Running Limited Are you a desert Runner? You will be soon!   Running in a hot, dry climate comes with its own challenges, as does the sometimes soft, sandy footing.  Think through your training and equipment ahead of time to give yourself the greatest chance for a successful day on the trails!       1. Be Adaptable to Weather Changes The first thing most people think about when they think of the desert […]

30 Aug 2017

Training – Post Workout Recovery

Training – Post Workout Recovery Mojo Trails will be at Mountain RATS 2017! Lea Stenerson, MS is the founder and head coach and has been working with a group of trail athletes to train for this year’s races. They’ll also stick around for the Septemberfest fun. Lea is an extremely well qualified and experienced coach and shared an article on post workout recovery: As many of us eagerly anticipate the Mountain RATS race this September, we are strategically preparing by […]

26 Jan 2017

Gemini News – Moab Trail Running Getaway

Gemini News – Moab Trail Running Getaway Colorado River after a day on the trails Explore the Gemini Bridges area, work your way up to Hurrah Pass, run on the world famous Slickrock trail and have lunch at the iconic Milt’s Stop and Eat- Moab’s local diner established in 1954. Treat yourself to a getaway that has it all in a world-class adventure town. This is a non-competitive trip that is designed to showcase the full spectrum of beauty the […]

25 Jan 2017

Training – #1 Incremental Fitness Improvement

Training #1 Incremental Fitness Improvement In order to increase your fitness level it’s important to have a year or even several years of a long training plan. Wanting too much too soon is a recipe for injuries and burnout, don’t get greedy and try to make too big a leap in one run, one race or even one year’s training cycle. Endurance fitness is one of the last physiological adaptations that solidifies through training. It may take 1-2 years before […]

19 Feb 2016

Training – What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Training – What Gets Measured Gets Managed By Cindy Stonesmith Now that we are closing the door to last year’s racing and training season and as our 2016 season approaches, it is time to sit down and reflect what we did right and what we want to add or include into our 2016 training. Here is my evaluation list of 7 training elements. #1: Weight: Are you at your optimal race weight? If not and you are thinking of losing […]

17 Jan 2016

Training – Heart Rate Training Tips

Training – Heart Rate Training Tips Running ability builds when you are always workout-ready-that is, able to fully meet the challenges on the day’s schedule. This obviously means from day-to-day your intensity will change, as a recovery day follows an intense day of speed-work, for example. As we’ve discussed in the past, if you are not running within a specific day’s goal intensity-wise, your gains will be compromised, or worse, you will become injured. One of the most effective ways […]