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12 Nov 2015

Training – Top 6 Foods for Post-Workout Recovery – Brendan Brazier US News

Training – Top 6 Foods for Post-Workout Recovery – Brendan Brazier US News Originally published in US News and World Report   Whether you’re an endurance or strength athlete, recovery is a crucial component of your training. During your workout you’re breaking down muscles; it’s after your workout that you actually get stronger. Feeling stiff and sore for days after training can significantly reduce your ability to train again and get even stronger. Active recovery techniques such as foam rolling […]

30 Sep 2015

Balance of Training

Balance of Training A traditional training cycle includes a three week build cycle followed by a rest or recovery week. A build cycle steps up incrementally in intensity, volume/duration and specificity. Depending on your fitness level not all three elements should be increased simultaneously in a three week build cycle. During the course of a build cycle your physical stress levels will increase due to cumulative fatigue of training. A build cycle is always followed by a week of recovery. […]

04 Aug 2015

How to match the road bike to the terrain

Choosing what style of bike best fits your needs can be a difficult decision to make, even once you’ve realised your preference is for the road over dirt trails, there are a lot of options that can complicate things. If you’re considering purchasing one of the many styles of road bikes (Tesco stock options for every budget) and aren’t exactly sure what is the best style of bike for you, here are few tips to choose a ride that will suit your needs and […]

21 Feb 2015

Training – Hill Training

Training Hill Training   Desert RATS Trailrunning Festival Jeff Cooper is an ultrarunner and running coach for all levels of athlete. Find out more about him at 2RunForever. This month he’s sharing his tips to incorporate hill training into your race plan.  In this article, we will review the benefits and logistics of running hills, as well as some tips for how and when to add hills to your training plan. There are several different types of hill workouts that will be […]

21 Feb 2015

On the Trail – Q&A with Duncan Callahan

On the Trail Q&A with Duncan Callahan   Duncan Callahan on the trails Duncan Callahan is one of our favorite faces to see at a race. Besides being a pleasure to be around he’s an extremely talented ultrarunner, he took the first place spot in two of our races in 2014, and an inspiring coach. Currently Duncan is an Elite Team Ambassador and a member of the Altra Endurance Team. He’s also working on putting together an ultrarunning training camp in Crested […]

24 Jan 2015

Training – Winter Traction

Training Winter Traction   As the weather gets cold and the snow begins to fall adventurers are beginning to look for ways to continue getting out on their favorite trails while remaining safe.  One of the most dangerous aspects of winter training is the ice on the trails.  Whether you live in the mountains, plains, suburbs, or city you can run into icy conditions.  A simple way to deal with this danger is to create screw shoes.  Screw shoes are […]

12 Dec 2014

Training – Winter-Proof Your Running

Training Winter-Proof Your Running   This month running coach Jeff Cooper of 2RunForever gives you his 12 top tips to get you ready for running in the cold… We all know how important it is to tune up your car for the winter season, right? Or to winterize your home BEFORE the cold and snow arrive (e.g. put plastic on windows, seal any drafts, maintenance check the heater, etc.)  So why not winterize your running.   12 Terrific Tips to Make Winter […]

10 Sep 2014

Training – Taper Tips

Glen Delman Photography This month running coach Jeff Cooper of 2RunForever gives tips to get the max out of your race taper so that you can get the max out of yourself on race day…   DO… 1 – Drop your volume progressively over the last 3 weeks pre-marathon, or 2 weeks pre-half marathon (as per your plan). This slowly stores up latent energy so that come race day you’ll have more in reserve than you have for months! 2 – Review the […]

13 Aug 2014

Training – Ultrarunner and Coach Lisa Smith Batchen Breaks Record!

Death Valley, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 Renowned ultra-distance runner Lisa Smith-Batchen finished a 584 mile run in California’s Death Valley last week, becoming the first female ultramarathoner in the world to cross the famed Badwater-to-Mt. Whitney course four times back-to-back in an effort to fundraise for cleaner, healthier water across the world. The run lasted a total of 14 days, with temperatures reaching as high as 127 degrees Fahrenheit. Smith-Batchen was forced to deal with prolonged bouts of wind and sand […]

16 Apr 2014

Training – Training in the Heat

  If you’re like me your racing calendar is just getting ramped up. And many of your “A” races are going to be hot and humid. Racing in dog days of summer can be fun and exciting but if you’re not prepared properly it can become life threatening. Running in the heat is not a new experience for many of us. Our bodies are well equipped to deal with the dissipation of heat generated by exercise. But what happens when all […]