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11 Jul 2012

Training: Foot Care Tips – Blister Prevention

An endurance athlete might know best – the debilitating blister. Here are a few tips on how to prevent the little monsters from happening to you: Top 5 Preventatives for Blisters 1. Lubrication Interestingly enough, it has been found that rubbing on moist skin produces more friction than that of rubbing on very wet or very dry skin. Lubricants like Vaseline or BodyGlide can help reduce friction by keeping skin-to-skin or skin-to-shoe areas wet and slick. Note: Powders and antiperspirants […]

31 May 2012

Training: How to Determine Your Heart Rate Zone By Cindy Stonesmith

Have a hard workout or a race coming up? Don’t forget to wear your heart rate monitor! If you’re a runner chances are you’ve heard people talking about what Heart Rate Zone they’re currently running in. Or what Heart Rate Zone they hit on their last tempo or hill interval workout. This language may sound foreign to you at first but knowing and using correct Heart Rate Zones for training can be the performance benefit you’ve been looking for. Using […]

29 Nov 2011

What Gets Measured Gets Managed!

Now that we are closing the door to our 2011 racing and training season and as our 2012 season approaches, it is time to sit down and reflect what we did right in 2011 and what to add or include into our 2012 training. Here is my evaluation list of 7 training elements. #1: Weight: Are you at your optimal race weight? If not and you are thinking of losing those last 5 extra pounds now is the time to […]

02 Aug 2011

Running Footwear

Not since Bill Bowerman ruined his wife’s waffle iron in 1970 has there been such a cry for running footwear changes. Because of the minimum amount of gear one needs to get started in running, footwear is of the utmost importance. With the huge increase in long distance running, running shoes have become a big business, as well it should. It’s estimated, that in 1980, 143,000 people ran a marathon in the United States compared to 467,000 in 2009. Your […]

10 Jun 2011

Daily Hydration Needs For Athletes

By Cindy Stonesmith Daily Hydration Needs For Athletes Most people think my job as a running endurance coach is to motivate my clients to complete their prescribed daily workout. However, I often find myself motivating my clients to take the time throughout the day to fully recover and be prepared for the next day’s training run. One of your first lines of defense for recovery is to hydrate properly throughout the day. The human brain is made of 70% fluid […]

20 Jan 2011

The 2011 Twin Mountain Trudge Turns Epic by Ray Churgovich

I would like to thank Alec Muthig, Josh Fuller, Nate, Josh Artery, Ted, the entire Twin Mountain Trudge Crew who stayed late into the night until I was safe and Search & Rescue. Without all of your help my Epic adventure could have had a very sad ending. The 2011 Twin Mountain Trudge Turns Epic Epic is the term that mountain climbers use when they talk about a climb that went wrong. The party got lost, gear was dropped, days […]

15 Mar 2010


Running on the treadmill is not something I look forward to…but for a variety of reasons, I spend more than a few miles per week on the treadmill. With the cold weather and short days, Reid asked me to share a few hints that may help you survive the treadmill and ultimately help you keep that winter base. 1. Write yourself a weekly mileage plan and stick to it. If weather, or child care, or odd running hours mean you […]