Desert RATS 2018 – Racer Updates

Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 Stage Race – Updates


Live Tracking

Live Tracking – this is our first year offering live tracking, and please regard it as a trial. We’re working with Adventure Enablers. The goal is near-real time tracking for every stage but we can’t guarantee it until we try it. Please don’t be concerned if there are lags or drops in coverage.


Stage 3 – Sprint – 9.3mi, 761′ Gain

Kyla – Sprint Stage is fast! Everyone had a great shakeout run and we were done early. The rest of the day was fueling and cooling off in the Colorado River. Gearing up for the Expedition Stage tomorrow…

Chris Ward: Today’s run felt absolutely amazing. 9 fast miles to the finish and then we spent the entire day swimming (aka- washing dirt and salt off) and hanging around camp. I probably drank a few gallons of water, ate multiple pounds of food, and spent a significant portion of the day sitting my butt on this glorious blue tarp. I am so grateful to spend a week with all of these amazing people as each and everyone (racers and staff) are inspiring and wonderful. Linz and the girls- I miss you so much and will be thinking about you constantly during the long 41 miles trek tomorrow.

Phil Pinti: Day 3 was a “real walk in the park,” 9 miles… and then a pleasant day with friends chil-laxing along the Colorado River. At about the halfway ‘point of this Desert RATS adventure, the reason for starting it, is becoming more clear:

I have often dreamed of a far off place
Where a hero’s welcome would be waiting for me
Where the crowds would cheer, when they see my face
And a voice keeps saying this is where I’m meant to be

I’ll be there someday, I can go the distance
I will find my way if I can be strong
I know every mile would be worth my while
When I go the distance, I’ll be right where I belong

Michael Boltom “Go the Distance” from the move Hercules

***Kyla’s note: Phil’s Tracker #1775 is not working and will be offline tomorrow. We’ll update his progress as soon as we get service!

Catra Corbett: Day 3 was a short day. Got to hangout and relax along the Colorado river. Tomorrow will be the epic day, hot and long. But we all know I love to #doepicshit I will stay positive and embrace the climbs.


Jean-Michel Stages 1-3
I suppose I should write something. This time last year (my 1st Desert RATS) paces, standings, race strategies was on my mind. Another thing on my mind was my unborn baby girl. I stood in front this very device a year ago leaving a note for my wife that I missed Mina little kicks. Little did I know then that a short 4 weeks later Mina would be stillborn at 36.5 gestation. As I write this a year later I struggle finding where long distance running belongs in my new life. Grieving a child is emotionnally draining, and leaves little emotions for anything else. I never realized until now how much ultra running is emotional. Grieving leaves no strengh to run. I didn’t want to come this year but I committed to my friend Vivian to come so here I am. My grief comes out when I run, sips through into my thoughs. yesterday, stage 2, I felt broken. I came in the aid station at mile 17 fighting back tears. I was ready to drop. But I went back out and pushed through it and completed the stage. I was thinking of Mina. She did not give up. She was in distress for 3 weeks and fough to stay alive as long she could. SO should I. I pushed to make the 3:30 cutoff (came in at 3:28). So even as I struggle to figure out life as a grieving parent, I look in the past and know the person I used to be is no more, but in some ways I can pick up the threads left of the person I was and make a newer person wiser and stronger. I struggled yesterday but I am looking forward to get back on the trail tomorrow for the expedition stage.

Thomas Mullins _

Short 9 mile run today along the mighty colorado. Amazing views. spent the day resting and recovering on the banks of the river in preparation for tomorrow 41 mile expedition stage into the La Sal Mountains. Lots of climbing. Apparently my tracker has not been functioning properly but no worries still in the top five runners. Solid group of athletes for sure. Excited to be going up the mountain out of the desert tomorrw. Off to my tent for a nap we start 8am. oxoxxo Consuelo.

Stage 2 – Milt’s – 39.1mi, 2520′ Gain

Kyla – Day 2 done! Cooler than last year but still hot by normal standards. Long day that ended with a shady campsite, burgers, and strawberry shortcake. Sprint day tomorrow!

Chris Ward: Today, I stumbled and bumbled and walked my way the last 8 miles to the finish line. Thank goodness for Paul (who’s an awesome dude) because he helped me manage hydration, pace, and electrolytes the entire second half of the stage.We also jumped in a river together…twice. Because of that I felt pretty good (as good as you can). I also called three different liquids “elixir from the gods” today. I used that phrase for coffee, ice water, and ginger ale. Didn’t put that together until the end. The other racers are magnificent and base camp is an absolute blast. The aid stations and the entire staff is absolutely wonderful! Looking forward to 9 miles tomorrow. Lindsey, Harper, and Zoe I love you guys with my entire heart. You three are my heroes and I can’t wait to see you Saturday!!

Thomas Mullins: 39 miles ofamazing desert today. WINDYY. Dodged several tumbleweeds. Runners tracks would be erased by the wind in moments. The staff and aid stations are incredible. At one point i was dead last as i had to stop and fix my left sock as it was coming unraveld and cutting into skin. Fixed it for good on the thrid try. Great day of running. No communication tonite as we are camping on the Colorado River way down low. All good. I love you Connie. xoxox.

Phil Pinti: Today, I pushed harder physically, mentally and spiritually than I’ve ever pushed before during a running or endurance race/event. Desert RATS is an awe-inspiring event, and having the opportunity to be surrounded by positive, helpful, and encouraging people is a beautiful thing to witness and share. The Desert RATS Family (staff) is top notch and do a tremendous job from dawn to dusk and beyond. Looking forward to an “easy” day tomorrow and to prepare for the rest of the RATS experience. “If you wanna to do hard things, you gotta do hard things.” See-ya in the morning!

Catra Corbett: I survived day 2 The 39 mile day. Last year this day took me out at mile 32. I was suffering from heat , I got to the point I could no longer go forward . I ended up seeking shade from a telephone pole until Glen drove up the road so I could drop. Today I crushed it and finished faster then I planned. I am loving all my new friends. Such a fun event .

Stage 1 – Salt Creek – 19.8mi, 2040′ Gain

Kyla – It was an amazing first day! Every racer got their miles (some even a little extra) and earned a dog tag for the stage. Ryan Guldan beat the course record from 2010 by one minute. Incredible. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Full stage 1 results coming soon…

Phil Pinti: Penelope and Nolan, I miss you Warriors, and I thought about you constantly throughout day 1. You two are my greatest source of inspiration & happiness. Obstacles are just Opportunities in Disguise. Love Dad #JENNStrong

Thomas Mullins 73 took a couple of wrong turns down big hills. Epic views looking down the Colorado River. Got a break on weather windy and warm. Thanks for all the good vibes. I miss you chef Connie. off to make sandwhich for tomorrows stage. 38 miles tomorrow.

Anne Thilges went off course twice. Both times included very large hills and the second off-course venture was nearly three miles. She wants to see more of the wilderness so expect to see more offshoots on her tracker throughout the week.

Sheryl Collmer: had a great time and loved the trail… until a wrong turn and extra miles in the heat of the day. Very nice homecoming for the last finisher of the day (me). Love our night camp and looking forward to doing better tomorrow!

Jay Lee: Lucky for the “cooler” weather today. Surprised to have leg cramping issues today, which is a little concerning for the rest of the week, but glad to have finished Day 1, along with the whole group. The course was gorgeous, the first time seeing the Colorado River along the course was absoluletly amazing. Feeling pretty nervous about Day 2, I think it will be a really rough day.

Catra Corbett: Thank you weather Gods for listening to me. Amazing day out here. I am also thankful for the Gaia app you kept from getting lost more then once. Happy to be hanging with super cool people.

Stage 4 – Expedition – 41.4mi, 7810′ Gain

Stage 5 – Marathon – 26.0mi, 3150′ Gain


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