Gemini News – 2014 Desert RATS Trailrunning Festival Dedicated to Marcy Servita

Marcy working with Global Dental Relief
The Boulder, Colorado running community lost a beloved member this March.
Marcy Servita was a well respected ultrarunner with many friends across the country. She battled her pancreatic cancer with the help of these friends and now the Gemini community would like to honor her memory and ultra spirit by dedicating our 2014 Trailrunning Festival to her. Marcy’s friends are also supporting Global Dental Relief in her honor. Her good friend Wendy shares Marcy’s story:
On behalf of the Boulder Banditos, we are honored that the 2014 Desert RATS Trailrunning Festival weekend will be dedicated to our late sister, dear friend, and fellow ultra-runner Marcy Servita. Marcy is a three time finisher of the Festival’s 25M distance. She was a lover of mountain running and completed several long distance adventure runs. In 2013 she trained for longer distance goals completing her first 100M distance in September 2013 at Marin Headlands in 26:24. 
After Headlands, Marcy’s back pain, which had been attributed all summer to intense training, worsened. On January 14th, after a lengthy journey of trying to pinpoint the source, an ultrasound revealed a mass on her pancreas. Stage IV pancreatic cancer had already spread. The prognosis was 2-3 months without chemotherapy, which it turned out she could not tolerate. 
Marcy moved in with me and wanted to die at home. My company, Simple Energy, granted me a leave of absence and created the space for me help fulfill her wishes. Our support by not only her Bandito family but also many friends from other circles, hospice, and her family based in Boston and Florida has been overwhelming. Marcy had dozens of friends and every one wanted to see her in her last 60 days. 
One of Marcy’s most cherished circles was her dental community. Marcy was a dental hygienist for 14 years at the office of Dr. Vince Cleeves in Boulder. One of her greatest passions was giving back through local fundraising for Global Dental Relief. In addition, she gave her time in the mountains of Nepal providing dental services to children there.
For this year’s Desert RATS Trailrunning Festival weekend, we invite you to be part of our family to honor the many memories, running and otherwise, Marcy created with us. By wearing one or more Boulder Bandito tattoos during the weekend you will be creating more memories of Marcy. Wear them with a big smile on your face just like she always seemed to have! All proceeds will go to Global Dental Relief. The Banditos will be at pre-race registration and thrilled to help apply your tattoos pre-race. 
We are deeply grateful to Reid and the Gemini Adventures team for offering this generous tribute to Marcy who was an accomplished athlete and beautiful person.


Wendy Drake

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