January – Letter from Reid

January Letter from Reid |

Welcome to 2018! Time for New Year’s resolutions? I believe if you live your life right, you don’t have to make resolutions.  BUT – now is a time to plan the year to come. Family river trips, adventure weekends and races – planning them is almost as much fun as doing them.  
I’m not sure what this year will bring; I’m still recovering from a broken leg. While I’m walking pretty well, I’m still not ready to run. The hard part is not knowing. I received the gift of an entry to the Run Through Time on March 10th from my wife. It’s a little soon and I think I may have to drop to the half marathon. Will I have to drop to the 2 Mile Fun Run? 
If I have to tone things down a little to cut down on the recovery time, I’ll have to do that. Anything to be ready for the year ahead. Check out the video of my 2017 adventures.
My plan for 2018? To have at least one great adventure every month.
Reid Delman
Gemini Adventures

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