Multi-Day Adventure Prep

Multi-Day Adventure Prep

While the venues may change, the heart of stage races remains constant. From the deserts of the Kokopelli Trail to the alpine of the Himalayas, what gear do you consider essential for multi-day adventures?

Eric Schranz of UltraRunnerPodcast shared his preparation for the Himalayan 100 Stage Race. Read the full article.

What Worked and What I Forgot For My First International Stage Race

Main travel bag: The Beast Gear Hauler by Orange Mud ($100)
This sucker is huge, has minimal bells and whistles, and gave me plenty of confidence. I packed my smaller bag (which is huge itself) in the Beast, along with my shoes, sleeping bag, food, and everything else I needed. Nice!

There are no pockets, no extra compartments, just raw, secure, space. It’s made of some type of un-rippable material, is essentially waterproof, and the zippers are huge. Nothing worse than blowing a zipper, and I didn’t have that fear. The straps are made of seatbelt material and are meaty, though weren’t long enough for me wear on my back.

Bonus: Bright orange makes it easy to find in luggage claim. And yes, it complied with size requirements for all airlines I’ve used (domestic, international, and inter-Indian.)

Orange Mud is a valued partner of Gemini Adventures.
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