Gemini Adventures

30 Aug 2020

Gemini News – Mountain RATS – Starting the new normal?

As things begin to open up, event organizers are looking around to see which races happen and which ones are shutting down their start lines. We want to know which ones are going on as normal and what other race directors are modifying to make a safe environment for their racers and staff. Who knows what events will look like down the line but for now this is what we and many of the races in the area are doing. […]

12 May 2020

On the Trails – Adventure and Outdoor Podcast Suggestions

It’s often difficult to keep motivated when we’re not able to make plans. We need to be inspired. Sometimes that’s by making plans, other times you need to look out your window at the mountains and dream of the day you’ll be able to get out and enjoy the trails and still other times it’s about living vicariously. Here is our list of the top five most motivating podcasts to get you adventuring in the outdoors. Like a Bigfoot– Desert […]

12 May 2020

Training – Running in Harmony: Lessons Learned from World-Class Coaches

Four timeless tips from influential running coaches. Published on Podium Runner by MELODY FAIRCHILD WITH ELIZABETH CAREY The best running coaches understand the demands of running. They intuit what each athlete can handle physically, mentally, and emotionally. They hold us accountable but also support us. All this makes the work of training and racing easier and helps us discover the best version of ourselves.  I’ve been lucky to work with top-notch coaches throughout my running journey. Each one has offered […]

20 Dec 2019

Training – Winter Running Traction

We re-post this article occasionally because screw shoes are always a great answer to winter running! As the weather gets cold and the snow begins to fall adventurers are beginning to look for ways to continue getting out on their favorite trails while remaining safe. One of the most dangerous aspects of winter training is the ice on the trails. Whether you live in the mountains, plains, suburbs, or city you can run into icy conditions. A simple way to deal with this […]

30 Oct 2019

A Tribe Made of Dust

A Tribe Made of Dust – Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 It’s getting near midnight–cutoff time–when we see the headlamp around the corner. The runners amongst us who have already finished the stage for the day—and who have bonded with the med staff and aid station workers to become a singularly odd family unit over the preceding days—sit up in our camp chairs, the home-cooked chicken parmesan on our plates (some of us on our third or fourth helping) for the […]

13 Aug 2019

On the Trails Resurrection Pass Trail – Hope, Alaska

Reid Delman, Gemini Adventures Race Director Attempted 8-03-2019 Mountain Bike 38 mi – 4,767′ Gain – Cooper to Hope Point to Point The goal was to find a beautiful trail in the rugged state of Alaska. This is my fourth time visiting Alaska and one of the things I have found is that they don’t have many trails there. There’s so much backcountry and open land that the choices are usually take a road or go cross country. With a […]

13 Aug 2019

Training – 14er Training Hikes by Life’s 2 Short Fitness

Hiking a 14er this summer? Train your legs and lungs on one of these front range hikes April 22, 2019 by Life’s 2 Short Fitness, read more of their fantastic training articles at http://lifes2shortfitness.com/ Summiting a 14,000 foot peak is no small feat. To us natives, bagging a “14er” as we call them is a right of passage; many of us seeking to one day summit all 54 of these majestic Colorado peaks.Weekend warriors and veterans alike tend to set […]

11 Jun 2019

Desert RATS 2019 – Racer Updates

Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 Stage Race – Updates   Live Tracking Live Tracking – We’re working with Adventure Enablers to offer 2019 racers optional cell tracking for the race. The goal is near-real time tracking for every stage but it is not 100% guaranteed. Please don’t be concerned if there are lags or drops in coverage. The tracking will catch up! Pre-Race Stage 1 – Salt Creek – 19.8mi, 2040′ Gain Evening storms at camp delayed our racer posting. Check […]

03 Mar 2019

Allison Christie – Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 Stage Racer 2019

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year? Just a hop down the road in Glenwood Springs, Allison Christie joins us in the midst of a lifelong adventure with her son to climb all 54 of Colorado’s 14ers (nearly halfway!) Marital Status: Married    Number of Children: One son, will be 13 in June Occupation: Anesthesiologist Years running: 5 Years running ultras: 3 Ultras I have done: Goblin Valley 50k, Utah, 10/15 The Coastal Challenge, Costa Rica, […]

24 Feb 2019

John Bezou – Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 Stage Racer 2019

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year? A 20 year Army vet who got his ultra career started at one of our Gemini races, John Bezou represents the Mississippi Gulf Coast at 2019 Desert RATS. Marital Status: Married    Number of Children: 0 Occupation: Educator/Administrator Years running: 20+ Years running ultras: 8 Ultras I have done: Brew to Brew Gemini Adventures 50K Bear Chase 50 mi Bear Chase 100K Rattler 50K Pikes Peak Ultra 50 mi […]