Gemini Adventures

01 Jan 2014

Training – What gets measured gets managed!

Training What gets measured gets managed! photo credit by glendelman.com   Now that we are closing the door to our 2013 racing and training season and as our 2014 season approaches, it is time to sit down and reflect what we did right in 2013 and what we what to add or include into our 2014 training. Here is my evaluation list of 7 training element.   #1: Weight: Are you at your optimal race weight? If not and you are […]

30 Nov 2013

On The Trail – The Kepler Track

On the Trail The Kepler Track in New Zealand An adventure above the clouds. Photo credit by google images The Kepler Track is a 60 km (37.3miles), 3-4 day loop track. The Great Walk (premier walking trails) traverses Fiordland National park in the southwest of the South Island. The remarkable scenery includes everything from remote lakes and peaceful beech forests, to rocky peaks and exposed alpine tussock lands. Your reward for the hill climb is a long section above bushline […]

20 Nov 2013

Nutrition – Muffin Top

Scene: It’s mid December and you’re getting ready to head into work. Lately you have been really consistent with getting your morning workout in, but today you decided to skip it—you want to get to work early because you have a pile of papers to get through before you duck out early to head to a client’s holiday party on your way home. Skipping a workout here and there…its no big deal…it’s the holiday, right! The drive in is cold […]

01 Nov 2013

24 Hours of Boulder Race Recap

From the blog 50 Marathons in 50 States Boulder 100 (Race Recap) Boulder, CO October 12-13 Ultra Marathon #9 Second 100 Mile Attempt Weather – Partly cloudy, chilly overnight, sunny I have been doing crazy things for a while. I wasn’t going to register for this event at all, then I got an email about the 100K being 50% off with one of those Active specials. Well, it worked out to only being like a dollar a mile, so that […]

01 Nov 2013

On the Trail – Q&A with Jeremy Joslin, M.D.

On the Trail Q & A with Dr. Jeremy Joslin Event and Expedition Medical Services photo credit by Jeremy Joslin 1) What do you do for Gemini Adventures? I am the medical director.  This is my 7th year working with Desert RATS. 2) What is your medical and race background? I work in emergency medicine.  I work at a Level 1 trauma center in upstate New York, which covers 19 counties in the area.  I have never participated in any […]

23 Oct 2013

Nutrition – Caffeine

What do you know about Caffeine? photo credit by glendelman.com We all know that coffee wakes you up in the morning and gets us through the afternoon slump. Have you ever noticed feeling an extra boost during a morning workout after drinking a cup of Joe? Caffeine is considered a stimulant and there is research that caffeine improves athletic performance in some sports, especially endurance activities. It seems simple. Just grab a coffee before your race and you have a […]

18 Oct 2013

Adventure Tours

Beginning this spring, Gemini Adventures will be teaming up with Solxplore to bring you small group running/biking/hiking tours on the beautiful desert to alpine backcountry trails between Fruita, CO and Moab, UT. With experienced guides Gemini Adventures will be providing tours for 3-12 people for beginner to advanced athletes. Meals, camping and transportation will all be provided from lunch of the first day to lunch of the last day. Guides will be medically trained and have experience keeping you safe […]

03 Oct 2013

Epic Trail Spotlight – The Colorado Trail

Photo Courtesy of Bikepacking.net Take advantage of the amazing trails in Colorado. If you have not spent much time on the Colorado Trail (CT), what are you waiting for? There’s no better way to experience the Rocky Mountains than by hiking, running or biking on the CT. It starts in Denver and goes 483 miles (777 KM) towards Durango, through eight mountain ranges, seven national forests and six wilderness areas. The trail climbs and descends frequently, with a high point […]

03 Oct 2013


Photo Courtesy of Glen Delman Photography Increasing muscle mass is a common goal for many endurance athletes. As it should be, an increase in muscle mass will bring an increase in strength and performance.  Strength is what separates those at the top of the hill with those at the bottom. Although genetics plays a large role in how much muscle mass an athlete can acquire, proper workouts and nutrition will support or negate an athlete’s efforts to increase their muscle […]

03 Oct 2013

Gemini News 24 Hours of Boulder

Boulder Marathoners We were sorry to hear that there will be no road events in Boulder for the rest of the year, but completely understand that our city needs to use it’s resources where they are so desperately needed right now. We feel fortunate that our 24 Hours of Boulder event is completely held at the Boulder Reservoir and can continue. We’d like to give cancelled Boulder Marathon runners an opportunity to test their training. Pre-register in the 100k relay category […]