Gemini Adventures

16 Apr 2013

Gemini News: 24 Hours of Utah by Gemini Events

I headed out to the 24 Hours of Utah; happy to get away from more fresh wet snow in Boulder and ready for some sun and sand. This is the 7th time I’ve run this race which is the same number of years it’s been running. Yes, my husband is the Race Director, hence my team name, “The RD’s Wife.” Everyone who runs has to have a team name whether competing as a solo runner or as part of a […]

04 Mar 2013

Gemini News: A look into the 1st Place Extreme Team 2012 – Eagle Mountain Runners

With 24 Hours of Utah steadily approaching, Gemini Events sat down with Eagle Mountain Runner, Megan Morrissey for a recap on her experience as a 5-time 24 UT team racer. Here’s what Megan had to say about training, racing, and the Eagle Mountain Runners, 1.) What do you like about this race? We all love running so being able to get away and spend the day and night together is something we all look forward to every year. Being a […]

03 Mar 2013

Training: Balance of Training By Cindy Stonesmith

A traditional training cycle includes a three week build cycle followed by a rest or recovery week. A build cycle step ups incrementally in intensity, volume/duration and specificity. Depending on your fitness level not all three elements should be increased simultaneously in a three week build cycle. During the course of a build cycle your physical stress levels will increase due to cumulative fatigue of training. A build cycle is always followed by a week of recovery. A recovery week […]

28 Feb 2013

Events Coordinator

Gemini Events is expanding the team! Do you have a passion for endurance sports? Do you have an eye for details? Are you looking for long-term part-time employment? Check out the link below for a complete job description. If it sounds like a good match, send an email to reid_delman@geminiadventures.com with your resume and letter of interest. A handful of qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews and a decision will be made in mid March. Job Description

06 Feb 2013

On the Trails: Epic Trail Spotlight – The Colorado Trail – Segment #8 Copper Mountain to Tennessee Pass

Description: From Copper Mountain to Tennessee Pass – Head up through Copper’s cross country ski trails, past Janet’s Cabin, and over two passes – you’ll find yourself looking down at Lake Dillon and the ponds at Climax, near Leadville, CO. From here you’ll descend into Camp Hale, and back up through the forested single track to Tennessee Pass. Suggestion: Do it as a point-to-point and shuttle your car, or as an out-and-back run/hike. Options: Self-Supported – Head West to East […]

06 Feb 2013

Training: #1 Incremental Fitness Improvement By Cindy Stonesmith

In order to increase your fitness level it’s important to have a year or even several years of a long training plan. Wanting too much too soon is a recipe for injuries and burnout, don’t get greedy and try to make too big a leap in one run, one race or even one year’s training cycle. Endurance fitness is one of the last physiological adaptations that solidifies through training. It may take 1-2 years before a runner is strong enough […]

02 Feb 2013

Gemini News: Q & A with Jeremy Bradford, the winningest 100-mile racer in 2012!

Racing In 2012 Jeremy Bradford ran nine 100’s, broke five course records and was declared the winningest 100-mile racer. Gemini Adventures sat down with Jeremy, and here’s what he had to say, 1) Which 100’s did you compete in this past year? I ran nine 100’s in 2012, wining seven and setting 5 course records. The seven I won were: 1) Moab: 21:17:00 2) Coyote Springs: 22:00:53 – CR 3) Black Hills: 20:50:11 – CR 4) Happy Jack: 21:11:00 5) […]

02 Jan 2013

Zone 5 Training

In this last article of Heart Rate Zone work, we will discuss how including small amounts of Heart Rate Zone 5 in your training plan can have you in the best fitness and racing shape of your life. Zone 5 or Vo2 max is defined as the maximal oxygen uptake that can be utilized in one minute during maximal exercise effort. Zone 5 is race pace for 5k and less to finish-line sprints. Where this number lies in relationship to […]

28 Dec 2012

On the Trails: Reminiscing Desert RATS 2012 by Gregg Lemkau

On the Trails: Desert RATS Expedition Stage by Gregg Lemkau When I opened my eyes on the dawn of the 52-mile expedition stage, I was in good spirits. A medic had lanced my toes the night before and wrapped them in various tapes. I thought I was ready to go, but after wiggling my toes and stretching my feet the thought of standing made my stomach turn. The blisters had healed and refilled overnight. I awkwardly placed my beaten pads […]

30 Nov 2012

Gemini News: 24 Hours of Boulder…Endurance Races 2012 Recap

It was 5:30 on a Boulder morning, the sun wouldn’t ascend for another hour, and the staff, costume-adorned, traipsed from trailer to base camp to set up for the 24 Hours of Boulder…Endurance Races for an eighth consecutive year. A cat, a Viking, a dead hunter, and a dreaded Rastafarian race director set up shop at the Boulder Reservoir, on a platform overlooking the dark shoreline. Racers filtered in to register among flickering lights and hanging ghosts. A great group […]