Gemini Adventures

02 Feb 2013

Gemini News: Q & A with Jeremy Bradford, the winningest 100-mile racer in 2012!

Racing In 2012 Jeremy Bradford ran nine 100’s, broke five course records and was declared the winningest 100-mile racer. Gemini Adventures sat down with Jeremy, and here’s what he had to say, 1) Which 100’s did you compete in this past year? I ran nine 100’s in 2012, wining seven and setting 5 course records. The seven I won were: 1) Moab: 21:17:00 2) Coyote Springs: 22:00:53 – CR 3) Black Hills: 20:50:11 – CR 4) Happy Jack: 21:11:00 5) […]

02 Jan 2013

Zone 5 Training

In this last article of Heart Rate Zone work, we will discuss how including small amounts of Heart Rate Zone 5 in your training plan can have you in the best fitness and racing shape of your life. Zone 5 or Vo2 max is defined as the maximal oxygen uptake that can be utilized in one minute during maximal exercise effort. Zone 5 is race pace for 5k and less to finish-line sprints. Where this number lies in relationship to […]

28 Dec 2012

On the Trails: Reminiscing Desert RATS 2012 by Gregg Lemkau

On the Trails: Desert RATS Expedition Stage by Gregg Lemkau When I opened my eyes on the dawn of the 52-mile expedition stage, I was in good spirits. A medic had lanced my toes the night before and wrapped them in various tapes. I thought I was ready to go, but after wiggling my toes and stretching my feet the thought of standing made my stomach turn. The blisters had healed and refilled overnight. I awkwardly placed my beaten pads […]

30 Nov 2012

Gemini News: 24 Hours of Boulder…Endurance Races 2012 Recap

It was 5:30 on a Boulder morning, the sun wouldn’t ascend for another hour, and the staff, costume-adorned, traipsed from trailer to base camp to set up for the 24 Hours of Boulder…Endurance Races for an eighth consecutive year. A cat, a Viking, a dead hunter, and a dreaded Rastafarian race director set up shop at the Boulder Reservoir, on a platform overlooking the dark shoreline. Racers filtered in to register among flickering lights and hanging ghosts. A great group […]

30 Nov 2012

On the Trails: Epic Trail Spotlight – Mountain Bike the Kokopelli Trail

Riding the Kokopelli Trail in one push is truly one of the greatest mountain bike endurance tests in North America. Easy access and relative proximatey to airports makes this a must do for hardcore endurance athletes. The Kokopelli Trail is 142 miles of beautiful rugged jeep road and travels past wonderful ruddy-colored canyons, arches, the La Sals, and the Colorado river. It transcends from Loma, CO to Moab, UT and offers its marvels to the adventure seeking cyclist or runner. […]

04 Oct 2012

Gemini News: Fairchild takes 8th, US Team Gold at the WMR Championships 2012

Guess who just rocked the World Mountain Running Championships? Gemini Event’s 2012 Festival guest speaker, Melody Fairchild did, that’s who! The WMRC’s is an epic international mountain running competition governed by the WMRA. The championships include Senior Men (13km), Senior Women (7.9k), Junior Men (7.9k), and Junior Women (4.1k) events as well as Overall Team. This year’s championship was held on September 2, in the villages of Temu and of Ponte di Legno, Italy. All finished at Tonale Pass, located […]

04 Oct 2012

Training: Heart Rate Zone 3 By Cindy Stonesmith

In the September article we discussed the importance and purpose of Zone 2 workouts. In today’s article we will discuss how including Heart Rate Zone 3 in your training plan will lead to improved performance and fitness. The purpose of including Heart Rate Zone 3 workouts is to increase one’s endurance capacity. The higher the endurance base, the longer the athlete can maintain a race specific pace. A high endurance base is best obtained by training at a Heart Rate […]

30 Aug 2012

Training: Heart Rate Zone 2 by Cindy Stonesmith

In the August Newsletter we discussed the importance and purpose of Zone 1 workouts. In today’s article we will discuss how including Heart Rate Zone 2 in your training will lead to improved performance. The purpose of including Heart Rate Zone 2 workouts is to increase one’s aerobic base. A high aerobic base is obtained by training at a Heart Rate intensity of 60-75% of your Maximum Heart Rate. When an athlete trains in Zone 2, the primary energy resource […]

30 Jul 2012

Training: Heart Rate Zone 1 by Cindy Stonesmith

Back in the June Newsletter article we discussed how to obtain personalized heart rate zones by performing a 10k time trial. Now we’ll discuss each Heart Rate Zone and how it relates to training and performance. In today’s article we’ll be discussing Heart Rate Zone 1. Heart Rate Zone 1 (Zone 1

16 Jul 2012

Race Report: Desert R.A.T.S. Stage Race By Michael Cowart

RATS – Part 1 It is Sunday night – June 24, 2012. In 40 minutes we will take flight for Jacksonville, Florida; home. During our upcoming flight we will celebrate our 2-month anniversary of being married. And that is what is really important. I expected to be here, with the one I love, flying home from the greatest race there is. With a battered body and blistered feet, I did not expect that she would be my wife. But that, […]