Gemini Adventures

27 Jun 2012

“Cathedrals on the Sand” by Greg Pressler, written after the Expedition Stage of the Desert R.A.T.S. 2012

Cathedrals on the Sand Rising towers all around Sculpted by water Carved by wind Smoothed by time Untouched by hand These are the cathedrals on the sand Looming monoliths of all size Small and large alike We stand upon holy land Amongst these cathedrals on the sand No glass to stain Nor robes to wear Their decor derived from Sun, heat, and cold Multicolored stripes, striations, bands Upon these cathedrals on the sand Communing together awash in sweat Filing through […]

02 Jun 2012

2012 Desert R.A.T.S. Trail Running Festival

The sun was absent as racers entered into the funnel of the parking lot at the Mack exit, #11 just past Fruita, Colorado. The rattle of a cattle guard kept us alert as each car filed through. There was over a mile of parallel-parked cars with athletes walking or jogging into base camp to sign in for the 10th Annual Desert RATS Trail Running Festival. What might have been pre-race jitters for the crowd was by now hours of persistence […]

31 May 2012

Training: How to Determine Your Heart Rate Zone By Cindy Stonesmith

Have a hard workout or a race coming up? Don’t forget to wear your heart rate monitor! If you’re a runner chances are you’ve heard people talking about what Heart Rate Zone they’re currently running in. Or what Heart Rate Zone they hit on their last tempo or hill interval workout. This language may sound foreign to you at first but knowing and using correct Heart Rate Zones for training can be the performance benefit you’ve been looking for. Using […]

25 Apr 2012

24 Hours of Utah/Moab 100 2012

Dust bloomed from the treads of the Suzuki DR 650S as we pulled up to the base camp a mile up Mill Canyon Rd., off of Hwy. 191. A layer of bugs were pressed flat across the visors of our helmets, blending blood with the red dust of Moab. The Gemini Adventures staff were setting up for the first event of the year: 24 Hours of Utah/Moab 100. The dirt lot was host to a circle of racer-campers of varying […]

04 Jan 2012

Now Hiring

Gemini Events is expanding the team! Do you have a passion for endurance sports? Do you have an eye for details? Are you looking for long-term part-time employment? Check out the link below for a complete job description. If it sounds like a good match, send an email to reid_delman@geminiadventures.com with your resume and letter of interest. A handful of qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews and a decision will be made in mid March. Job Description

29 Nov 2011

Snowy Range Snowshoe Races

From the mastermind behind the sadistic and silly Twin Mountain Trudge comes a new snowshoe race. On January 7th, 2012, the Snowy Range Snowshoe Races will kick off with 5K, 10K, and 20k backcountry adventure race options. Starting at the Snowy Range Ski and Recreation Area in southeast Wyoming, participants coming from the Front Range of Colorado can enjoy a traffic-free drive to pristine and snow-filled mountain fun (about three hours from Denver, less than two hours from Fort Collins). […]

29 Nov 2011

What Gets Measured Gets Managed!

Now that we are closing the door to our 2011 racing and training season and as our 2012 season approaches, it is time to sit down and reflect what we did right in 2011 and what to add or include into our 2012 training. Here is my evaluation list of 7 training elements. #1: Weight: Are you at your optimal race weight? If not and you are thinking of losing those last 5 extra pounds now is the time to […]

02 Aug 2011

Running Footwear

Not since Bill Bowerman ruined his wife’s waffle iron in 1970 has there been such a cry for running footwear changes. Because of the minimum amount of gear one needs to get started in running, footwear is of the utmost importance. With the huge increase in long distance running, running shoes have become a big business, as well it should. It’s estimated, that in 1980, 143,000 people ran a marathon in the United States compared to 467,000 in 2009. Your […]

19 Jul 2011

Race Report – 2011 Desert RATS 148 Mile Race by Martin Schneekloth

(Stage 1) Day 0.5 In order to save some money on travel expenses and to acclimatize to the elevation, we arrived in Moab, Utah from Huntsville, Alabama via Denver, Colorado on Saturday afternoon in the second smallest plane I had ever been a passenger on. The pilot couldn’t have been more courteous. Our destination was the Desert RATS 148 Mile 5 stage (6 day) race that takes place at one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen within […]

10 Jun 2011

Daily Hydration Needs For Athletes

By Cindy Stonesmith Daily Hydration Needs For Athletes Most people think my job as a running endurance coach is to motivate my clients to complete their prescribed daily workout. However, I often find myself motivating my clients to take the time throughout the day to fully recover and be prepared for the next day’s training run. One of your first lines of defense for recovery is to hydrate properly throughout the day. The human brain is made of 70% fluid […]