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25 May 2018

Desert RATS 2018 – Racer Updates

Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 Stage Race – Updates   Live Tracking Live Tracking – this is our first year offering live tracking, and please regard it as a trial. We’re working with Adventure Enablers. The goal is near-real time tracking for every stage but we can’t guarantee it until we try it. Please don’t be concerned if there are lags or drops in coverage. Pre-Race Stage 3 – Sprint – 9.3mi, 761′ Gain Kyla – Sprint Stage is fast! Everyone […]

13 May 2018

Desert RATS Bio 2018 – Jay Lund

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year? Welcome Jay Lund, a combat veteran, South Florida Fed-Ex Driver, advocate for veteran mental health crises, and Waffle House aficionado! Marital Status: Widowed Number of Children: 0 (My dog keeps me plenty busy) Occupation: Been with Federal Express for 10+ years. [Gotta admit, running around every day in shorts throughout southwest Florida making deliveries up and down the beach is a pretty good gig.] In a previous life […]

22 Apr 2018

Desert RATS Bio 2018 – Samantha Pruitt

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year? A Desert RATS veteran with copious experience with epic adventures, Samantha Pruitt is using the California heat to ready herself for our desert adventure! Marital Status: Married to Davey Boy Pruitt Number of Children: 4 Occupation: Entrepreneur and Race Director Years running: 18 Years running ultras: 7 Ultras I have done: Oh lord I really can’t recall them all but my big boys are Desert Rats 150, Rio […]

15 Apr 2018

Desert RATS Bio 2018 – Tara Tulley

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year? Bringing the triple skill threat of yard spinning, tire pulling and trauma therapy, RATS veteran Tara Tulley returns to tackle the desert again. Marital Status: Married Number of Children: 3 Occupation: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Professional Midwife, EMDR practitioner Years running: 39.5 Years running ultras: 11 Ultras I have done: I forgot Favorite race and why: Desert RATS because it sucks Best results in races: 10 hour 50 […]

12 Apr 2018

Partner Feature – Kannah Creek Brewing

Kannah Creek Brewing in Grand Junction has been a long-time partner for our post-race parties for the Trail Running Festival, Rabbit Valley Half Marathon and Desert RATS MTB Classic. They were founded in 2005 as a locally-owned small business and continue that tradition today with two locations. With beer, pizza, wings and more, they’re a top choice for hungry athletes after a day of play on Western Slope trails.

08 Apr 2018

Desert RATS Bio 2018 – Anne Thilges

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year? Hopping over from the Western States home in Auburn, California, Anne Thilges is veteran of >30 Ironman triathlons and mentee of ultra-legend Ann Trason. Marital Status: Married Number of Children: One resident dog and always one or two foster dogs. Does that count? Occupation: Business consultant and part-time endurance coach Years running: 40 years. Oh my! Years running ultras: My first marathon was in 1988 (30 years ago) […]

06 Apr 2018
06 Apr 2018
05 Apr 2018

April – Letter from Reid

Adventurers, I hit the big 5-0 this year. I needed a way to celebrate and since debauchery isn’t my style, I decided to go with adventure. I called up my old friend Ross who was also turning 50. We met in 7th grade science class- he was always trying to stay focused on his lab working with weights and measures while I would distract him by setting up the weights like bowling pins and turning it into a game. That’s pretty […]

25 Mar 2018

Desert RATS Bio 2018 – Micky Sederburg

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year? Micky Sederburg will be facing his self-proclaimed “greatest test of endurance” in 33 years of running. Marital Status: Married Number of Children: 2 Occupation: Active duty Air Force for the last 20 years Years running: 33 Years running ultras: 9 Ultras I have done: Born to Run 50K North Face Challenge, 50K and 50 Miler Palmer Lake 24 hour 51.22 miles Behind the Rocks 50K Rattle Snake 50K […]