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19 Feb 2016

On the Trail – Junko Kazukawa: Grand Slammer, Leadwoman, 2x Cancer Survivor

On the Trail – Junko Kazukawa: Grand Slammer, Leadwoman, 2x Cancer Survivor *Originally published on the Ultrarunning Magazine Website by Tonia Smith Junko Kazukawa has always been a woman who is unafraid to make bold moves in life. Growing up in Japan, she knew that young women were expected to follow a traditional path: Go to college, take a job in an office for a few years and then get married and start a family. While that path was fine […]

17 Jan 2016

Gemini News – Kokopelli Running Tour Recap

Gemini News – Kokopelli Running Tour Recap    “I cannot be awake for nothing looks to me as it did before. Or else I am awake for the first time, and all before has been a mean sleep.” Edward Abbey “Do you want to sleep outside,” asked Bear, as the cacophonous noises of tooth brushing and sleeping bags unrolling erupted into the quiet stillness surrounding us.  I studied him uncertainly.  I’d never slept outside before and, in fact, the idea […]

17 Jan 2016

Training – Heart Rate Training Tips

Training – Heart Rate Training Tips Running ability builds when you are always workout-ready-that is, able to fully meet the challenges on the day’s schedule. This obviously means from day-to-day your intensity will change, as a recovery day follows an intense day of speed-work, for example. As we’ve discussed in the past, if you are not running within a specific day’s goal intensity-wise, your gains will be compromised, or worse, you will become injured. One of the most effective ways […]

17 Jan 2016

On The Trail – Reid’s Top Running/Hiking Trails

On The Trail – Reid’s Top Running/Hiking Trails I don’t know that I really believe in New Year’s Resolutions but I do enjoy taking the time to plan out where I want to be in the upcoming year. Do I want to be in my usual routine or do I want to be in the desert, the mountains, or the jungle? I like to think about where I’ve been and set new goals. One of the most wonderful things about […]

12 Nov 2015

Training – Top 6 Foods for Post-Workout Recovery – Brendan Brazier US News

Training – Top 6 Foods for Post-Workout Recovery – Brendan Brazier US News Originally published in US News and World Report   Whether you’re an endurance or strength athlete, recovery is a crucial component of your training. During your workout you’re breaking down muscles; it’s after your workout that you actually get stronger. Feeling stiff and sore for days after training can significantly reduce your ability to train again and get even stronger. Active recovery techniques such as foam rolling […]

12 Nov 2015

On the Trail – Desert RATS 2015

On the Trail – Desert RATS 2015 RATS 2015 Unique beauty, amazing wildlife and profound solitude – all the elements of true adventure – rewarded racers willing to brave the strenuous 2015 Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 journey. Having completed the 11th annual 6-day stage race, racers experienced why we are the longest running stage race in North America. Vast landscape and ancient obstacles combine to create the rugged and stunning beauty of the Kokopelli Trail. With a small intimate field Desert […]

30 Sep 2015

Balance of Training

Balance of Training A traditional training cycle includes a three week build cycle followed by a rest or recovery week. A build cycle steps up incrementally in intensity, volume/duration and specificity. Depending on your fitness level not all three elements should be increased simultaneously in a three week build cycle. During the course of a build cycle your physical stress levels will increase due to cumulative fatigue of training. A build cycle is always followed by a week of recovery. […]

04 Aug 2015

How to match the road bike to the terrain

Choosing what style of bike best fits your needs can be a difficult decision to make, even once you’ve realised your preference is for the road over dirt trails, there are a lot of options that can complicate things. If you’re considering purchasing one of the many styles of road bikes (Tesco stock options for every budget) and aren’t exactly sure what is the best style of bike for you, here are few tips to choose a ride that will suit your needs and […]

15 Jun 2015
15 Jun 2015

Stage 4 Racer Posts

STAGE 4 Jim– The terrain today had me expecting to see Wile E. Coyote disapearing off a cliff in a puff of smoke, after failing yet again to catch the road runner. This place is beautiful in a badass kind of way. And since I’m running everyday as an unofficail racer, I’ve become a total tourist. Lots of pictures coming soon. #SelfiePractise #ILoveRunning Rebecca – Went into this run with dread and self-doubt. The terrain was much more difficult to […]