Gemini Adventures

30 Sep 2015

Balance of Training

Balance of Training A traditional training cycle includes a three week build cycle followed by a rest or recovery week. A build cycle steps up incrementally in intensity, volume/duration and specificity. Depending on your fitness level not all three elements should be increased simultaneously in a three week build cycle. During the course of a build cycle your physical stress levels will increase due to cumulative fatigue of training. A build cycle is always followed by a week of recovery. […]

04 Aug 2015

How to match the road bike to the terrain

Choosing what style of bike best fits your needs can be a difficult decision to make, even once you’ve realised your preference is for the road over dirt trails, there are a lot of options that can complicate things. If you’re considering purchasing one of the many styles of road bikes (Tesco stock options for every budget) and aren’t exactly sure what is the best style of bike for you, here are few tips to choose a ride that will suit your needs and […]

15 Jun 2015
15 Jun 2015

Stage 4 Racer Posts

STAGE 4 Jim– The terrain today had me expecting to see Wile E. Coyote disapearing off a cliff in a puff of smoke, after failing yet again to catch the road runner. This place is beautiful in a badass kind of way. And since I’m running everyday as an unofficail racer, I’ve become a total tourist. Lots of pictures coming soon. #SelfiePractise #ILoveRunning Rebecca – Went into this run with dread and self-doubt. The terrain was much more difficult to […]

15 Jun 2015

Stage 3 Racer Posts

STAGE 3 Cindy Kosmicki– Today was a good day. Running and knowing you will be done in 2 1/2hrs. is a nice reprieve from knowing you arent even close to half way at 2 1/2hrs. The three amigos…Cheri, Tricia, and I stuck together again and it was a good time. Ran along the Colorado river for a couple miles and again had one big long climb but, all in all a great day! We also each got a 30 min. […]

15 Jun 2015

Stage 2 Racer Posts

STAGE 2 Anita Well I ended up getting lost after taking a potty break. I tried in vain to catch up with Cyndie and Jane and must have taken a wrong turn from the get go. One of the pacers caught up to me and let me know i was going the wrong direction. Of course i was devistated . I didn’t have a phone or the gps app. Next time perhaps. So, long story short i ended up finally […]

15 Jun 2015

Stage 1 Racer Posts

Jane Herzog – Yea. Jane, Cyndie and Anita all finished! Loved the earlier start – heat wasn’t a killer until much later in the day. However, the big hill away from the river still sucks! Cindy Kosmicki– Day 1 is complete! Hot hot hot and some good climbs. Tomorrow I will def need to use more sunscreen through day. Lots of amazing people out here. This is no joke.:) 20 down and 128 miles left to go!:) On to Day […]

21 Feb 2015

Gemini News – 24 Hours of Utah Course Lighting Sponsor

Gemini News 24 Hours of Utah Course Lighting Sponsor Gemini Adventures is thrilled to announce that this year’s 24 Hours of Utah race will have LazerBrite as a sponsor! The entire course will be lit with their innovative modular LED light system. The buzz surrounding these lights has been fantastic and as soon as you see one you’ll want to try it for yourself. Luckily, LazerBrite will also be giving away some of the sticks as prizes and giveaways. The crew has been […]

21 Feb 2015

Training – Hill Training

Training Hill Training   Desert RATS Trailrunning Festival Jeff Cooper is an ultrarunner and running coach for all levels of athlete. Find out more about him at 2RunForever. This month he’s sharing his tips to incorporate hill training into your race plan.  In this article, we will review the benefits and logistics of running hills, as well as some tips for how and when to add hills to your training plan. There are several different types of hill workouts that will be […]

21 Feb 2015

On the Trail – Q&A with Duncan Callahan

On the Trail Q&A with Duncan Callahan   Duncan Callahan on the trails Duncan Callahan is one of our favorite faces to see at a race. Besides being a pleasure to be around he’s an extremely talented ultrarunner, he took the first place spot in two of our races in 2014, and an inspiring coach. Currently Duncan is an Elite Team Ambassador and a member of the Altra Endurance Team. He’s also working on putting together an ultrarunning training camp in Crested […]