On the Trail – Q&A with Jeremy Joslin, M.D.

On the Trail
Q & A with Dr. Jeremy Joslin

photo credit by Jeremy Joslin
1) What do you do for Gemini Adventures?
I am the medical director.  This is my 7th year working with Desert RATS.
2) What is your medical and race background?
I work in emergency medicine.  I work at a Level 1 trauma center in upstate New York, which covers 19 counties in the area.  I have never participated in any race like this.  I have run a 5km before though.  One of my best friends got into ultra racing, I crewed for him and that lead to me getting involved at check points at other races.  After having a bit of discomfort with the level of medical plans I saw, I decided to volunteer to provide medical oversight to races and this is now part of my career.
3) Tell me about your program at Syracuse.
The program is a fellowship in wilderness expedition medicine.  Medically speaking, a fellowship is a one year apprenticeship that a completely full fledged doctor can participate in and learn how to provide medicine in wilderness expedition settings.  Our specific markets are TV, movies, offshore oil/mining, race and ecotourism industries.  Ultra racing is the most popular.
4) What keeps you coming back to Desert RATS?
I have become friends with Reid over the years and I certainly enjoy our friendship.  Reid and I have a win/win relationship.  Reid is very flexible with my mission to train other doctors.  I am frequently bringing other doctors with me to Desert RATS to teach them the ropes.  These are full fledged doctors who don’t have the race experience, so I bring them out to Desert RATS and Reid provides me a venue for teaching other doctors how to do this.
5) What races do you have coming up?
We just got back from Grand to Grand and Jungle Marathon and in 3 weeks we are headed out to Cambodia for a race put on by Global Limits.  We are doing a bunch of prep work for that now.
6) What is your favorite race food?
I don’t race, but while I am at the races working, I recently enjoyed the buffalo burgers that Reid provided.  If I am at a race in the middle of nowhere, I like those fresh fruit cups.
7) What is one thing you could tell us about yourself that others would be shocked to know?
Well, that is a good question. A lot of people are shocked when I speak Mandarian to them. I did live in Taiwan for 6 months and taught English while there.
8) Where is one place you haven’t been that you would like to go?
I have been thinking about this one. I have been to a lot of places. I would like to get to the South of France or somewhere in the Sicily countryside.
9) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten during a race?
At the Amazon race we had a lot of river fish. I was working and doing a conference in Tibet one time and they fed us Yak brain. They literally took a head off of a Yak, chain sawed it down the middle, put it in the oven, took it out of the oven and served it to us. That was definitely the weariest thing I’ve been asked to eat. I didn’t actually eat any brain, I picked at the facial muscles, which sounds really disgusting, but at least that was actual muscle tissue, which is what we know as meat.

Jeremy Joslin, M.D.

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