A Colorado end-of-summer outdoor celebration! Come celebrate the beginning of fall in the mountains by competing in a challenging half, full, or ultra-marathon in Colorado! This is an exciting day of festival fun and adventure on the trails near Eagle, Colorado. With the start/finish line right in the heart of Eagle Ranch, friends and family can enjoy themselves while you push yourself in a rugged mountain race backdropped against stunning views and gorgeous scenery. After you finish, you can relax with a beer, hot meal, live music, and more. Racers can choose from a Heavy Half, Marathon, or 50K.

Heavy Half, Marathon, & 50K Trail Runs 

Kick off this fall with one of our ambitious trail races at our weekend-long Mountain RATS celebration! We offer 3 different trail runs to let racers of different levels push their stamina and training to the limit: a heavy half marathon, a full marathon, and a 55K. Each course follows a system of similar trails in the gorgeous area of Eagle, Colorado. You’ll race along rugged, singletrack mountain trails while taking in all of the stunning outdoor beauty of this remote location. Racers will climb between 2,720’ to 6,400’ on courses that will be challenging, beautiful, and almost 100% dirt. 

After the trail runs are done, all racers, families, and friends are welcome to relax at our after-party featuring live music, food and drinks, massages, and more. Reserve your spot in our heavy half marathon, full marathon, or 50K today!  

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