Training – #1 Incremental Fitness Improvement

Training #1 Incremental Fitness Improvement

In order to increase your fitness level it’s important to have a year or even several years of a long training plan. Wanting too much too soon is a recipe for injuries and burnout, don’t get greedy and try to make too big a leap in one run, one race or even one year’s training cycle. Endurance fitness is one of the last physiological adaptations that solidifies through training. It may take 1-2 years before a runner is strong enough to step up to the next level of racing. So if you haven’t mastered a 50 mile race then don’t sign up for a 100 mile race. If you’ve never arrived at a race finish-line feeling like you can eat, drink and be merry then you’ve got more work to do before you take the next step to a greater distance or harder course. Be methodical in your training approach and use a running log to have an objective view of the hours and miles that you are capable of completing in a season or year. Review last year logs for clues of how much volume and miles your body is capable of without getting injured. Adding a long term approach to your training plan will keep your fitness level increasing year to year, minimize injuries and having you enjoying every finish line you reach.

Cindy Stonesmith CMT ACSM/HFS
Owner and Endurance Running Coach

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