UltraRunner Training Spring Camp

UltraRunner Training Spring Camp

Already had enough sliding and postholing through frigid training runs this winter? Have you worn out that treadmill in the basement?

Or do you struggle to resume your training regimen in the spring? Perhaps you’re stressing over getting ready for your early season adventures.

This April, come jump start your 2018 season over 4 days on the scenic Kokopelli Trail in the Colorado/Utah desert with UltraRunner Training.

URT head coach Cindy Stonesmith will lead a small group from Fruita, Colorado along the classic Kokopelli course to Moab, Utah. You’ll receive plenty of advice, trail time and camp camaraderie from Cindy, fellow runners, and the Gemini Adventures pros responsible for the iconic Desert RATS Stage Race.

Cindy Stonesmith is a Boulder, CO-based head coach of UltraRunner Training…


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