Test Your Endurance Against Beautiful Backdrops

At Gemini Adventures, our races are about more than extraordinary feats of athleticism. Each event that we coordinate and host is held in a gorgeous location that exemplifies the great outdoors and a sense of adventure. At our events, you can bike and run through rugged landscapes and beautiful scenery that will wow you and challenge you.

Meet The Staff

Get to know the people behind Gemini Adventures!

Reid Delman


Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Reid moved to Boulder, CO in 1994 where he still lives today. Reid loves to stay active and has dedicated himself to a number of sports over the years including wrestling, rock climbing, adventure racing, ultrarunning, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) cagefighting, and mountain biking.

Reid has participated in some of the biggest racing and endurance events including the Leadville 100 bike and run, Hardrock 100, the Eco Challenge, and everything from snowshoe races to Ironman distance triathlons. As a self-proclaimed “untalented athlete,” Reid is always looking for the next great challenge and opportunity to push his limits.

Reid continues to create his own adventures and loves bringing these to others. Whether canyoneering in Moab or running 14ers, he loves to experience new adventures with his friends.

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Kyla Claudell


Kyla is an avid trail runner and also loves mountain biking, snowboarding, rafting, and backpacking. She’s looking forward to another year of helping athletes achieve success at one of the most challenging and transforming races on the planet.

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About Gemini Adventures

Founded in 2003, Gemini Adventures creates backcountry racing experiences for all levels of runners and bikers. We believe in fostering a fun and supportive environment where athletes can show their prowess on competitive courses with spectacular surroundings. Our events are perfect for anyone seeking a unique adventure or challenging race.

Since our organization was founded, Gemini has grown bigger and bigger each year, and so have our events. Our races are like family affairs and parties as we welcome an increasing number of participants and people into our community. Sign up for one of our events today to see what makes our community so special!

Core Values

Gemini is built around three core values which we embody at every one of our races or events:

  • Community – We put on festivals to bring people together on and off the trails.
  • Adventure – We believe that getting out of your comfort zone and getting outside are the best ways to feel alive; a little adventure is always good for the soul.
  • Support – We take care of our athletes on and off the trail by providing challenges that are safe and welcoming for them, their friends and families, and our crew.

Competing in endurance events takes commitment and running these events take just as much dedication. At Gemini Adventures, we’re dedicated to our core values at every step of the way so everyone who takes part in our races can feel confident knowing that we are looking out for them.

Expand Your Boundaries with Gemini Adventures

The Gemini community is currently expanding, and we’d love you to be a part of it. If you’re an adventurer, join our challenges and celebrations of the outdoors. You can sign up for a race today or follow us on social media.

We’re also looking for ways we can better serve our community, so please feel free to contact us with any ideas and/or questions.