FAQs About the Best Trail Races in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico

We’ve organized and hosted tons of unique trail racing competitions since our foundation in 2003. Do you have questions about our upcoming trail races in Colorado, Utah, or New Mexico? You can likely find the answers you need here!

If we didn’t answer your question, reach out to our team. We’re always happy to answer any and all questions that our racers may have.

We host 6 trail racing events every year across Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Individual races vary from one event to the next, but we annually organize and host 1 5K run, 2 10K runs, 3 marathons, 1 half 50K runs, 1 50K runs, 1 55K run, and a 148-mile stage race.

Across our 6 racing events each year, 2 of those events include mountain bike races. These include the Firebird 50 event and the Sarlacc Attack. These include a 25K MTB race and a 50K MTB race.

We offer some of the best trail races in Colorado that seamlessly blend camaraderie and excitement with intense physical challenges and stunning scenery. Our courses aren’t just about competition: they’re about having a fun, memorable experience surrounded by friends, family, and fellow adventurers.

If you attend just one of our upcoming events, we’re positive you’ll be hooked and want to come back for every future race.

Absolutely! We love well-behaved dogs (on leashes), and your furry friends are welcome at the Start/Finish lines of our events and at our aid stations. Unfortunately, we cannot allow dogs on courses with their runners for any of our events.

All of our races are designed to be physically and mentally challenging, so you’ll see a mix of unique racers between our 10K runs and ultra-marathons. Some racers are always pushing to finish first and others are more focused on just crossing the finish line.

Racers must stay on the designated course at all times. Short-cutting will result in disqualification. If you go off course, you must return to the same point you exited in order to continue.

Racers are expected to either arrive the night prior to the event for Packet Pick-Up and, in some cases, a brief meal/orientation, or arrive the morning of event for Packet Pick-Up.

In the case of unforeseeable circumstances due to weather or other extenuating circumstances that prevents the safe continuation of the race, race officials may end any race at any given time without a refund of unused portions. This rule will be implemented in the most extreme cases for the safety of the runners or officials.

Each race has been personally designed by our company founders to be scenic, remote, and challenging. All races are designed differently and will include several aid stations along the way. The Desert RATS 150, for instance, is a multi-day race with several stages, but our Lucky Lyons race is completed in a single day. All races, except for the 150, are loop designs as well.

At all of our events, we have coordinated discounted rates with local hotels. Racers will need to coordinate their own accommodations, but can save by staying with one of our host hotels. Spots are limited, so book sooner rather than later!

Camping sites are only available for 2 of our annual trail races: Adventure Fest and the Desert RATS 150 event.

Your entry fees for each race will cover the costs for place winner awards, race mementos, aid station goodies, finisher’s mementos, post-race refreshments, and admission to any additional weekend events or activities. Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Entries cannot be transferred to other individuals. If you regrettably need to cancel your registration, please use UltraSignup. Simply login to your account, go to “Registration History,” select “Edit for the Event,” and select “Cancel Registration.”

Cancellations may be refunded as a credit of the payer's registration payment toward any Gemini Adventures event within one year’s time, minus a 15% fee. Keep in mind:

  • 30 days or more prior to the event – 85% credit of registration fee (excluding UltraSignup fees).
  • Less than 30 days prior to the event – No refunds or credit given.

Registered runners may also switch between distances. No refunds or credit will be given for dropping down in distance. If stepping up in distance, the added current pricing of the longer distance will be charged (excluding Ultrasignup fees).

See the Desert RATS 150 page for specific information about its refund/cancellation policy.

Every finisher will receive a customized dog tag to memorialize the event. Additional awards will be handed out to placing finishers. See each individual race pages for more information.

Parking instructions vary for each event. Please see the individual event pages for additional information on available parking or bus instructions.

All of our events take place from early spring to early fall (March to September) and mainly take place in mountainous terrain. Temperatures can fluctuate depending on seasonality, location, and weather patterns. Please see the individual events for more specific information on local weather patterns and how to dress accordingly for the temperatures.

For most of our events, we recommend bringing athletic clothing that’s suitable for the location and time of the year, along with a water bottle or hydration pack. On some events, you can bring bags to carry your gear and Gemini Adventures will provide transportation for your belongings as needed.

However, racers will need to bring more gear for the Desert RATS 150 event as this is a multi-day racing competition.

On every course, we will set up and supply multiple aid stations for each race. These stations are opportunities for racers to refill water bottles, refuel with snacks, and receive medical attention if needed. On the Desert RATS 150 event, the aid stations also function as check-ins to track/record time and check racing packs for necessary gear.

Race decisions can only be appealed on the Desert RATS 150 event. The appeal must be presented to Gemini staff before our nightly meeting and a decision will be made shortly thereafter.

Absolutely! We’re proud to coordinate some of the best trail races in the Rocky Mountains and we cannot put on these types of races without your support. If you would like to sponsor an upcoming event, please contact our team to learn more about sponsorship packages.

Yes! Volunteers at every event, so we need your support. Volunteers will receive free or reduced-price entries to future Gemini events, free food and swag, and can participate for free in any other side events/activities. Visit our Volunteers page to learn more.

Family, friends, racers, and volunteers are welcome to participate in many activities during certain events. During our weekend races, all are welcome to attend award ceremonies, trivia nights, live music celebrations, fitness boot camps, yoga sessions, Easter egg hunts, after parties, dinners, and more!

You can register for any of our upcoming events on UltraSignUp.com. Or you can visit our individual event pages and click on those Register buttons.