About Us

About Gemini Adventures

As avid runners, cyclists and all-around adventurers, we have always sought out great events that combine the best of what we like to do. Because of our years of exploring new trails and creating our own adventures, we decided to share our experiences by creating Gemini Adventures.

Our goal is to hold races that most competitors wouldn’t be able to do on their own. Whether because doing the event requires support, or because the course is longer or more challenging than most participants would consider doing alone. Our races draw those looking for a unique challenge. There’s nothing better than competition to bring out the best in everyone.

Gemini Adventures searches for courses that are on trails in beautiful, remote areas. We design events that are challenging for everyone to finish yet create great competition for the front of the pack. We’re here to challenge you and create a memorable event for you and your family. We’re here for you. Send us your ideas, thoughts and stories.

Reid Delman

Reid Delman

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio Reid moved to Boulder, CO in 1994. He is the owner of Gemini Events and lives in Boulder with his wife, Michele, and two daughters (the twins in the Gemini name). He has dedicated himself to a number of sports over the years including wrestling, rock climbing, adventure racing, ultrarunning, Mixed Martial Arts cagefighting and mountain biking.

He has participated in some of the big events including the Leadville 100 bike and run, Hardrock 100, the Eco Challenge and everything from snowshoe races to Ironman distance triathlons. As a self proclaimed “untalented athlete” he’s always looking for the next great challenge and opportunity to push his limits.

Reid continues to create his own adventures and loves bringing these to others. Whether canyoneering in Moab or running 14ers, he is always looking for new adventures to share with his friends.

Email reid_delman@geminiadventures.com

Kyla Claudell

Kyla is an avid trail runner and also loves mountain biking, snowboarding, rafting, and backpacking. She’s looking forward to another year of helping athletes achieve success at one of the most challenging and transforming races on the planet.

Email kyla@geminiadventures.com