Thursday, 11 October 2018 10:19

2018 Wrap-Up

What a fantastic season! With 12 races spread over 5 events, we got to see and celebrate so many different amazing runners and bikers. It was a pleasure to share the trails with you, and see the tremendous effort each individual exhibited.

Some highlights & fun facts:

  • Over 30% of our racers set personal bests for distance, stepping up to a new longest race
  • Nearly 100 volunteers joined us this season, adding amazing energy to our events (and each earning a free entry in a future event)
  • 1028 Dog Tags and 266 Cowbells were earned, and 16(!) new Course Records were set
  • 3000lbs of ice, 33 watermelons, 541 bananas, 128L of ginger ale, and hundreds of pancakes with whipped cream were served
  • 70% of our total event waste was diverted to Recycling & Compost