Sunday, 25 February 2018 09:05

Desert RATS Bio 2018 – Bob Stuka

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year?

A ‘local boy’, Bob Stuka hails from Colorado Springs and is ready for more desert adventures!

Marital Status: Married

Number of Children: 2

Occupation: Self-Employed

Years running: 6+

Years running ultras: 1+

Ultras I have done: 1. Grand Canyon Ultra 2. Mountain Rats 50k 3. Copper Mountains 50k

Favorite race and why: My favorite trail is Manitou Springs Incline and I like it because it’s steep and challenging and it also gives me lots of power. It’s 2750 steps and up to 60% steepness and I train on this trail 5 times per week.

Best results in races: 1st place in my age group at the extra marathon in Colorado Springs.

Tell us something about yourself, running related or other: Running is my favorite hobby I like hiking and running fourteeners, I like a variety of different outdoor sports including things like extreme skiing and rock climbing.

What’s your favorite way to train for Desert RATS: Running the incline and running extreme Mountain trails.

What are your goals for Desert RATS: My goals for this race are to get the first place in my age group.