Sunday, 13 May 2018 10:15

Desert RATS Bio 2018 – Jay Lund

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year?

Welcome Jay Lund, a combat veteran, South Florida Fed-Ex Driver, advocate for veteran mental health crises, and Waffle House aficionado!

Marital Status: Widowed

Number of Children: 0 (My dog keeps me plenty busy)

Occupation: Been with Federal Express for 10+ years. [Gotta admit, running around every day in shorts throughout southwest Florida making deliveries up and down the beach is a pretty good gig.] In a previous life I was a combat veteran with tours in Iraq, South Korea, Thailand, Bosnia….blah, blah, blah.

Years running: 10

Years running ultras: 3

Ultras I have done: 8 Hours of Hell Trail Series —> Florida Bryce Canyon 50M —> Utah Lake 2 Ocean 100K —> Florida JW Corbett 50M —> Florida Torreya ‘Draggin Tail’ 50K —> Florida Cottonmouth 100M (med-drop at mile 85) —> Florida Long Play 33.3M —> Florida Skydive Ultra 50K —> Florida Caloosahatchee Ultra 50K —> Florida GORUCK events galore —> Colorado/Florida

Favorite race and why: DANCON 30K Heavy Ruck march while in Bosnia (1998). This particular event, hosted by the DANish military CONtingent, took place in the rugged mountains of Bosnia and required all participants to wear full ‘battle rattle’, carry their individual weapon(s), and a 30lb ruck. At the time, I was deployed to the area in-support-of SFOR-7 (the US military mission to Bosnia). The DANCON provided much needed R&R away from the normal day-to-day operations we were conducting.

Best results in races: Never been the type to run for a podium spot or the big money that I’m told trail races pay out. Trail running is therapy for me, so as long as I finish an event without breaking a bone or tearing something I’m good.

Tell us something about yourself, running related or other: I spent an important part of my life involved with the United States Army Special Operations chest-thumpers. Had a great time with my teams deployed all over the world, but the residual hypervigiliance/PTS can be a b*tch. Over the last couple years running trails has become my medicine. It appears, tho, that every year the ‘dose’ seems to increase….which is why I now find myself tackling longer events like Desert RATS. Given that psychological wounds are still somewhat obscure, I have teamed up with the organization, BIGGER THAN THE TRAIL, to bring awareness to the mental health crisis as it impacts people from all realms of life.

What’s your favorite way to train for Desert RATS: Desert RATS will be my first stage race, but I’m thinking that all these long, slow, soul-sucking, back-to-back runs on the weekends must have a purpose. Also, Waffle House and an occasional glass of bourbon. Two recovery aids that seem to have found a place on my training plan.

What are your goals for Desert RATS: CRUSH IT! Meh, who am I kidding. Just finishing this thing and making some new friends will give me reason enough to eat ALL THE FOOD!