Sunday, 27 May 2018 10:18

Desert RATS Bio 2018 – Paul Schuering

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year?

Paul Scheuring, a Marathon de Sables vet, is trying out his deserts back home this year. Will he keep his toenails? Tune in later to find out!

Marital Status: Married

Number of Children: 2

Occupation: Writer

Years running: 10

Years running ultras: 4

Ultras I have done: Marathon des Sables, Quad-Dipsea, Canyon Meadow 50k

Favorite race and why: MdS…loved being out there all that time, having all my toe nails fall off, connecting with new lands within…and perhaps most of all, the camaraderie.

Best results in races: Think I got 3rd in a trail marathon in Marin a few years back…

Tell us something about yourself, running related or other: It’s better to smile when you’re suffering than bitch. I do both.

What’s your favorite way to train for Desert RATS: Throw on pack. Leave house. Come back big long time later.

What are your goals for Desert RATS: Finish, have a good time, meet and commune with good folk!