Sunday, 18 February 2018 09:03

Desert RATS Bio 2018 – Rachel Ridgway

Stage Race Sunday! Who’s coming to play in the desert this year?

Rachel Ridgway comes representing the East Coast, hailing from Frederick, MD, and will be making many new best friends!

Number of Children: 2

Occupation: Physician Assistant

Years running: 30+ (Junior High Track to Present)

Years running ultras: 10+

Ultras I have done: 23, ranging from 50k – 100 Miles, including JFK50k and Chattanooga 100

Favorite race and why: Catoctin 50k — it’s in my backyard, and is absolutely dreadful (which means I don’t get stressed out by trying to go fast — the goal is just to survive)

Best results in races: PRs include: Marathon 3:41; 50K: 5:47, 50mi: 10:57

Tell us something about yourself, running related or other: I’m snarky. I judge people based on how they use of apostrophes. I’ll be your best friend forever.

What’s your favorite way to train for Desert RATS: Wait…we have to train?

What are your goals for Desert RATS: To enjoy every moment, thank every volunteer, and finish every stage with no regrets.