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Eight Tips in Preparing for Desert Endurance Races

Eight Tips in Preparing for Desert Endurance Races

Are you a desert Runner? You will be soon!

Running in a hot, dry climate comes with its own challenges, as does the sometimes soft, sandy footing.  Think through your training and equipment ahead of time to give yourself the greatest chance for a successful day on the trails!  Susan Nowell shares her top tips for desert running on Ultra Running Limited:

1. Be Adaptable to Weather Changes
The first thing most people think about when they think of the desert is….. HEAT!!! But don’t be surprised if you find yourself running in the wind and rain. My first adventure in the Sahara desert was accompanied by rain and hail during the last stage of the four day race. Honestly, I WELCOMED the rain as it made it easier to negotiate running in the sand. And the hail,…well, it kept me alert and on my toes, which helped lighten my steps. Being adaptable will serve you well!

2. Get Savvy with Gear 
Temperatures in the desert can be extreme and can range from 37 to 0 degrees Celsius (100 to 31F). Come prepared with the right gear to dress for success. This includes: light, breathable material that moves away water for running in the heat and polypropylene layers, fleece and hat for cold nights. Packing a windbreaker for windy moments on or off the run is also a desert savvy thing to do!

3. Know Your Salt Type
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