Thursday, 03 October 2013 08:01

Gemini News 24 Hours of Boulder

Boulder Marathoners

We were sorry to hear that there will be no road events in Boulder for the rest of the year, but completely understand that our city needs to use it’s resources where they are so desperately needed right now. We feel fortunate that our 24 Hours of Boulder event is completely held at the Boulder Reservoir and can continue. We’d like to give cancelled Boulder Marathon runners an opportunity to test their training. Pre-register in the 100k relay category and you’ll get a 50% discount on the race! Just choose how many 7 mile laps you’d like to complete and we’ll assign you to a team. Click on the registration tab and specify that you’d like to run on the “Boulder Marathon 100k Relay Team”. Let’s bring back some of the positive outdoors energy that Boulder thrives on!

24 Hours of Boulder

Once again, a portion of all proceeds will go to BIPR (Boulder Institute of Psychotherapy Research) to help with trauma associated with the recent flooding.


Race under the sun and stars in the running Mecca of Boulder, Colorado.  This is a series of endurance races that brings out the sense of adventure, stubborn determination and fun in every competitor! This thrilling format has been popular with bike races for years and is now available to runners!

This is an all-day and all-night event.  Runners can participate in a number of different distances or timed events. For racers, this will be one of the most memorable events of your life. For spectators and crew, it will be a weekend festival where you will witness athletes pushing themselves beyond their personal limits of endurance. Whether you’re assembling a dream team, or you’re a recreational runner, there is a category designed for you. You can choose to race as a solo runner, or create a team of up to ten people, depending on the level of endurance you wish.
Come race in your best Halloween costume and win a prize. Costumes will be voted on at the awards ceremony and a prize will be given to the crew member and runner with the best costume.
See you all at the Boulder Rez!