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Gemini News – Zion Curtain Trail and Loop

Gemini News

The Zion Curtain Trail and Zion Curtain Loop – Fruita, CO


The Zion Curtain trail straddles the Colorado/Utah border and is known as a can’t-miss, fun, varied ride topped off with great views. However, it travels the remote backcountry and can be a tough trail to find, especially the loop, if you want to preride it it’s a good idea to check out maps and ask around at the local bike shops to make sure you don’t take a wrong turn. The ultimate option would be to tackle this trail supported and with trail markers! Local bikers describe the trail as a really entertaining ride that includes some nice singletrack as well as some healthy climbing up to a ridge with stunning viewpoints overlooking Rabbit Valley and beyond. The total climb for the entire Zion Curtain trail is around 1500′. There are some rocky and steep sections on this ride, backcountry trails rarely see any maintenance, but nothing someone with a fair amount of technical skills can’t handle. There are also several great rim overlooks half way through the loop, inlcuding a gorgeous view of the La Sal mountains near Moab. After this there’s a gonzo descent that mellows towards the middle and then ends with smooth, fast singletrack. This trail is truly epic and not to be missed! Check out the “Course” tab on the Gemini website to see the maps!