Friday, 20 December 2019 10:02

Training – Winter Running Traction

We re-post this article occasionally because screw shoes are always a great answer to winter running!

As the weather gets cold and the snow begins to fall adventurers are beginning to look for ways to continue getting out on their favorite trails while remaining safe. One of the most dangerous aspects of winter training is the ice on the trails. Whether you live in the mountains, plains, suburbs, or city you can run into icy conditions. A simple way to deal with this danger is to create screw shoes. Screw shoes are made by taking a pair of old running shoes and drilling 1/8 inch sheet metal screws into the lugs. Be sure to drill them into the lugs! It is easiest if you use an electric drill with a magnetic hexagonal bit. By screwing the screws into the shoes, this will allow the screw heads to bite into the ice in order to give traction.

The million dollar question is; how do I arrange them on the soles of the shoes in order to maximize traction. Many people have ideas on where to place the screws but it is important to keep in mind that a foot strike is a very personal thing. As you get ready to place your screws try to imagine slipping on the ice going uphill and downhill. Where and when will I slip, where do I want the traction? Runners will use anywhere from 10-20 screws with most people placing them in a circular shape on the forefoot and another circle on the heel of the shoe.