Gemini Adventures would like to invite you to the 24 Hours of Boulder

Team Running Challenge. Teams with a gym sponsor will receive 30% off of the registration price!  


  Race under the sun and stars at the Boulder Reservoir. The team’s objective is to complete as many laps as possible in 24 hours. There will be hot food and music at our basecamp and free camping at the Res for all. It will bring out the sense of adventure, stubborn determination and fun in every competitor.


Now is your chance to put together a dream team(s) to compete as a 24 Hour Team (2-10 people) or a 100K Relay Team (3-8 people).


Laps are 7.14 miles on the Boulder Reservoir trails and every team member must complete at least one lap.



We are offering teams with a gym sponsor 30% off registration fees.


Standard Registration


24 Hr Team – $70 per person (regularly $100)


100K Relay Team – $66.50 per person (regularly $95)


Late (day of)


24 Hr Team – $84 per person (regularly $120)


100K Relay Team – $80.50 per person (regularly $115)


This year we’re offering returning registered racers and their friends 50% off the registration price for RATS 2015! One of the best things about the Desert RATS Stage Race is watching complete strangers transform into a part of the RATS family as they cross the Kokopelli Trail. These friendships form deep bonds that will last forever and we’re always looking to expand this family. Register now at!



Discount Details:

    • Discounted registration begins July 4, 2014
    • For the 2015 Desert RATS Stage Race only
    • Returning racers may “sponsor” an unlimited number of friends
    • Returning racers must be registered for the 2015 Desert RATS Stage Race
    • Registration fees are non-refundable and must be paid at the time of registration
    • The 50% discount will apply to current price levels at time of registration


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Wednesday, 04 June 2014 08:20

2014 Desert RATS Stage Race Day 1

Stage 1 Racer Posts are here! 

The Salt Creek Stage is 19 miles long and runs from Loma CO to Rabbit Valley right at the Utah border. The racers were graced with cooler temperatures than usual and every racer made it to the finish before the cut-off. Great start to Desert RATS 2014! Here are their thoughts on the first day:


Name: Jim Morrison

Made it! Had a good day running with Jeff and John, 4:39 for the toughest 19.8 miles I’ve run in a while.  Like, since last year on this course.  Felt good and the sprits in camp are high.  Thanks, Jim


Name: Heather Loeffelholz

Wow!!  To those of you that thought I was crazy for doing this…you might have been a little bit right.  The scenery is stunning but unfortunately I am spending most of my time looking at the ground so I am missing a lot of it.  Had my first crash about 20 mins into the day.  Nice to get that out of the way early.  Started to run into trouble at mile 10.  Stomache and headache (maybe heat and altitude).  Got help at the aid station and struggled with the final 6 miles but made it in.  Day 1 done and it was hard.  Tomorrow is going to be a challenge.  Love to HZD.


Name: Samantha Badass Pruitt

Three Words…….HOT WIND TUNNEL. Day 1 was beautiful, the people and the course. So far so good. My body and mind are in the game. Big THANKS to Hubby Dave for allowing me to be such a dirt diva and driving this motorhome all over the dirt roads in the middle of nowhere so I can race gluten free and use a real toilet. #raceslo is loving it! WooHoo!


Name: Karen Ray

I will make this short and sweet… this will be a life changing experience.  I am looking forward to sharing my adventure with all of you when I get home.  Miss you- k-ray


Name: Jorge Latre

Fortitude school. Got lost one time… then again tryng to figure out how I was lost. The two data samples provided the answer but cost 6 miles. The psychological blow of going from 2nd to last on the first day was impressive… made up for it by regaining as much time as possible… and possibly mortgaging the fuel for day 2… Fortunately I got lost with Becky and we worked together to get ourselves out of trouble. Thank you Becky!


Name: Gary Whittington

I had a really good day running and would have come in second  but I incurred an hour penalty by absent-mindedly leaving emergency bag at last aid station. Those of you who know me well will not be surprised. Trying to avoid getting too bummed as  it really doesn’t matter.  Terrain is spectacular. I feel strong after day one.



Wednesday, 04 June 2014 08:20

2014 Desert RATS Stage Race Day 2

Stage 2! Stage 2 can be the hardest stage of the race for many athletes. It’s 32 miles of  trail and the distance combined with the heat are often overwhelming. This year the racers had to deal with high winds also, but they pulled it off and every RAT made it through the finish line with time to spare.


Stage 11 Racer Posts, 2014 Desert RATS

Name: Ryan W Guldan; What a tough stage! Regardless of the lower than average temperatures today the wind added an element of extra tough. I can’t think of very many places today where the wind was not straight head-on or weak enough to hear my music through my ear buds. Nevertheless, it was great seeing all the other runners come in completing a very tough day that is deserving of a very good meal. Milts. That is what is on the menu tonight and will put us to sleep tonight in preparation of stage 3. Yum!

Name:Jorge Latre – I had never run in a wind tunnel – until today! It was great fun because you had to find the proper position and cadence for it – head down! Buff on face! I sure am glad we did not get just heat poring over us – the wind cooled us down; and forced us to drink water as fast as we could! The views were breathtaking during the first half.

Name:K-Ray- First I must say… I felt very loved this morning. I had so many encouraging notes before stage two started, more than anybody. I love my family and friends. Thank you. Today was brutal, but I finished with a smile! We crossed the border from Colorado to Utah this evening. The winds were incredibe. Crazy! We were able to clean up in the river and I am happy to have the dirt off my face. I am having a blast and staying safe. Don’t worry Andy, I am fine! xo

Name: Wendy Drake – Thank you Roland! I used my Wildrun buff today in intense winds and sand blasts. I knew I’d have as long day when I unexpectedly wound up at I-70. Oops. Turn around. Best part was catching up to Chris and exchanging notes on other international stage races and later with Heather then Stan Lee who’s completed 15 international stage races. I’m in big trouble. Hooked on the stage! AND Samantha and Dave brought their 9 year old girl, Bella, who greeted me just before Aid 1 with a big kiss. Totally made my day!

Name: Heather Loeffelholz That was hard. I felt much better today but the conditions are brutal. Hot, dry and very windy. I ran, walked and crawled but I made it. The good news is that I have not seen one single bear, however I have been attacked by a least a dozen tumbleweeds. Had a dip in the Colorado river. Rumour has it that this is the toughest stage eventhough it is not the longest, so I am happy to have this one behind me. H, Z and D you were a great inspiration on some very tough sections. Thanks for being such a centre to my being. Love you. Excited for tomorrows shorter day.

Wednesday, 04 June 2014 08:19

2014 Desert RATS Stage Race Day 3

Stage 3 Racer Posts! Day 3 was a fast race and a day of fun. The racers completed 11 miles this morning and the trails couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was calm and cool, and the views were stunning. The rest of the day was spent with a picnic feast and swimming in the Colorado River at the campsite. Everyone had a little time to rest up and get ready for the 52 mile Expedition Stage starting tomorrow at 7am.

STAGE III Racer Posts Desert RATS 2014

Name: Wendy Drake. Antidote for international travel cold? Run 70 miles on the Kokopelli Trail. Feel so much better than the first two days, which felt like slogs. Short 12-mile day today. Afternoon spent relaxing along the river reading the last of Jill Homer’s “Be Brave, Be Strong.” Her memoir of riding the Great Divide Trail was preceded by her ride on the Kokopelli Trail. I’ll need her mantra tomorrow for the 52-mile stage into the La Sal mountains. Wildrunners and Boulder Banditos – wish you were here too to run with all these amazing athletes.
Name : Heather Loeffelholz. Day 3 done!! This was the “short” day and we sure did enjoy it. Beautiful scenery. Lots of rocky trail running along the Colorado river. No tumbleweeds but lots of lizards to keep me company. Amazing campsite tonight right on the Colorado river. Had an awesome massage and spent the day chilling, getting ready for the big day tomorrow. Spending time getting to know to really great people. Body is feeling good and I am excited to be here experiencing all of this. Looking forward to seeing my “crew” on Friday. I hope your travels are going well. Thanks to Vicki and Jocelyn for your support. It means a lot.

Name: Jim Morrison. Tuesday was a tough day, even though I walked most of the 34 miles, still got a little behind on my fluids and was a little down. Just walked the 9 miles today as I still wasn’t feeling great. Now it is 6:00 pm and I am feeling much better, but may not run the 52 miles tomorrow. Having a great time, with lots of great people.

Name: Jorge Latre. Wednesday was a mellow day with a “normal run” in very beautiful intimate surroundings (to quote Matt’s apt and concise description). The morning light gives a particularly gorgeous glow to all the butes and canyons around us. The combination of slick rock, packed dirt, sand, washes, and even pavement from time to time, keep our feet amused and busy. Just as I was spared the full brunt of Alaska in February, we have been spared the full brunt of the Moab heat so far – substituted with formidable winds on Tuesday. Reid’s fabulous team kgreateeps us focused on our running adventure. Tomorrow is the monster stage!
K-Ray: Today was a great day. Shorter run and good laughs. Tomorrow is our big day. You won’t get a post from me tomorrow, but I will touch base the following day. Missing life in the 505, but making great memories. I will keep you all posted. xo- k-ray

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