Monday, 15 June 2015 09:16

Stage 4 Racer Posts


Jim– The terrain today had me expecting to see Wile E. Coyote disapearing off a cliff in a puff of smoke, after failing yet again to catch the road runner. This place is beautiful in a badass kind of way. And since I’m running everyday as an unofficail racer, I’ve become a total tourist. Lots of pictures coming soon. #SelfiePractise #ILoveRunning

Rebecca – Went into this run with dread and self-doubt. The terrain was much more difficult to run than I thought. the heat was unrelenting. I ran out of water on both long stretches. The heat made it almost impossible to eat or take salt. By mile 30 I was not sure I would be able to finish. After 4-5 cups of coke and a handful of grapes I headed out. I saw a beaver, a deer and aspen trees. And I was rewarded with one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen. The last 6 miles were downhill and I was able to run into the finish line with a smile on my face. It’s amazing what a person will do for one of John’s delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and a frosty cold beer. Very pleased with the end result of today.

cindy kosmicki– Day 5 is DONE!! Tricia, Cheri, and I stuck together once again and I tell you what…..There is NO WAY I would have finished this day without those two! We got eachother through what we all decided was thee toughtest day physically and mentally of our entire lives!! This is by far harder then the 100 mile I did in March. I am so flipping proud of us that I cant even tell you! We came in 2 1/2hrs under cutoff and could not be happier!!! These ladies will be life long friends, I tell you what!! Its late and I’m rambling so I’m going to end this.:) I will post again after day 6 is done!!:)

Sheri Shaw-Desert Rats tried to kill me today.They almost succeeded! Thank you Tricia and Cindy for getting me through!

Monday, 15 June 2015 09:15

Stage 3 Racer Posts


Cindy Kosmicki– Today was a good day. Running and knowing you will be done in 2 1/2hrs. is a nice reprieve from knowing you arent even close to half way at 2 1/2hrs. The three amigos…Cheri, Tricia, and I stuck together again and it was a good time. Ran along the Colorado river for a couple miles and again had one big long climb but, all in all a great day! We also each got a 30 min. massage so that topped off the day. I have to admit…I am TERRIFIED for tomorrow. It will def be the toughest day. Temp will be over 100 and the first 5 miles is a uphill climb. I am glad I have a couple women here who are at my same pace and we can all suffer together.:) We start the day at 7am and have to finish by midnight. If whoever reads this could say a prayer for myself and my friends out here tomorrow, I would REALLY appreciate it! We are going to need them. If you have any encouraging words, please post on this sight. They will get us the message.:) We would love to hear from you! Thanks guys and here is to finishing Day #4 tomorrow!!:) P.S. I miss my family! Love you guys!:)

Rebecca – rough few miles in the beginning. Blisters on the bottoms of both feet made a lot of the terrain uncomfortable to run on. A blissfully short day with a 30 minute massage next to the Colorado River. Hoping to survive the day tomorrow.

Gene – Never have I been so lacking in confidence before a big run! I struggled mightily today over a mere 12 miles and tomorrow’s run is 42 miles. The sun keeps finding chinks in my protective armor.
Tara– Still a little drained from the heat I started stage 3 intending to walk the whole way to recover from the heat from yesterday and get my legs recovered for tomorrow. But after two miles of walking, the sun started beating down and I decided I didn’t want to spend any more time out in the sun today then I had to, so I did a slow run/walk combo to come into the finish in 3:17. I was happy to be out of the heat the rest of the day. I got to wash my hair in the silty river today, which felt refreshing, and then spend the bulk of the afternoon doing surgery on my blisters, rehydrating, and laying in the shade. By my Garmin we hit at least 103 degrees today. I am feeling better now than I did yesterday. I am not looking forward to the heat, but I have been strong on hill climbs so far, and I’m hoping the higher altidute will mean slightly lower tempuratures. Hoping to sleep better tonight than last night.


Leire elosegui – manana es el gran dia 70km y a ver, hoy he corrido superbien . era corto solo 22. detras de la lider. me he enterado que es del equipo nacional. jode como corre la tia.
luego pues con el arduraduna mal. no me gusta nada y no entiendo como lleva eltema.el mismo que me dijo que le habia emocionado mi correo. es mu raro todo. como que te dan buffet libre y luego cuando uno de los chicos se ha ofrecido a dejarme su movil para manana que tiene la aplicacion para no perderme, le ha faltado tiempo pa decirle que no sutilmente. pero si algunos lo tienen, no es trampa. es una aplicacion especifica de la ruta, como si llevas un reloj. tenia que haberle hecho caso a xabi y traer me mega reloj. en fin.
el paisaje increible y la experiencia hoy de correr sola me ha encantado. es como mejor me encuentro. en el grupo hay de todo pero no acabo de verle el atractivo. son muy iparamerikatarrak. oso eta ez zait batere gustatzen beraien rolloa. al det hitzegin eta tal y cual, baina ez det ondo ulertzen beraien dinamika.
bestela asko disfrutatzen. beste mundu batetan nago egia esan.
biharko ia zorte ona deten.

Monday, 15 June 2015 09:14

Stage 2 Racer Posts



Well I ended up getting lost after taking a potty break. I tried in vain to catch up with Cyndie and Jane and must have taken a wrong turn from the get go. One of the pacers caught up to me and let me know i was going the wrong direction. Of course i was devistated . I didn’t have a phone or the gps app. Next time perhaps. So, long story short i ended up finally at the 5 mile Aid Station and asked Kyla to pull me because i worked myself up so much into the panic zone i just didn’t trust myself to go on to the next station at mile 13 something. My confidence was kaput and i just didn’t trust myself plus i’m a bozo when it comes to maps and directions, etc… Need to work on that. lol. So all in all today i did about 6 to 7 miles with getting lost.
On a positive note i did finish yesterday i felt strong, but today with the heat and getting lost and such … blah blah blah, anyhow i got in the full almost 20 miles yesterday.
Tomorrow hopefully i will finish the 12 miles.

Gene– Another new experience in the books – 35 miles in unrelenting desert sun. Would I do it again? Have to! 82 miles to Rebecca – I thought they said dessert. (Unrelated – did you know that it’s really hot in the desert? So. Much. Sun.

Cindy Kosmicki- Today was a tough day but a good day! The sun was relentless but we did have really beautiful scenery! I stayed with two other ladies and we pushed and pulled each other to the finish line. Day 3 tomorrow is just a half and will be a nice recovery day from these hills and hours in the heat. Big thanks to Cheri and Tricia! We made a great team today! Day #3 tomorrow!! Should sleep really well tonight!:)
Traci – So the moment I lifted my head from attempting to sleep on my makeshift “big orange” pillow this morning, I knew today would be an absolute challenge. Rare desert thunderstorms late last night (intense, but actually so cool) kept me awake and in addition to not having completely recovered from Stage One’s dry heat and altitude already put me at a disadvantage as I approached the start line. Approx 7:30 hours of desert running proved to be my limit for the day, but in those times of trouble and despair, I was of course able to reflect upon how truly grateful I am for my amazing support system! You know who you are – yes, mom, you count too, even though I didn’t physically speak with you while out on the trail. At base camp tonight, we have no service btw! Off to bed to prep for tom/sorrow!

Leire Elosegui– Kaixoooo… Vaya dos dias. Madre mia que fuerte. Euskeraz idatziko det. Hobe det. Lehen egunean bigarren posturako prest nengoela pentsatu nuen. Ez nintzen konturatu ez zegoela batere markarik eta galdu egin nintzen. Hijop. haundi batekin. Utzi ninduen tirada eta 18 km galduta. Cuando me encontraron, deshidratatuta, baina gauza da denboraz kanpo iritsi nintzela. Jende guztia galduta baina tipoaren mobilarekin eta app batekin, lortu zuten. Negar egin nuen eta esan zidan tipoak @eres la primera fuerte que se elimina el primer dia@ erraz ahal zuen ordu erdi gehiago eman baina… dena den karrera osoa egingo det. Beste gizasemeak utzi egin zuen.
Oso gogorra da. Oso. Hace un calor de manda madre. Han abierto la puerta del horno. La sensaci’on es mas que en el Sables. Sube hasta cincuenta creo yo. Hoy lo tenia claro. Iba a ir con alguien que tuviera la puta aplicacion esa en el smarphone. Podria haber ido mucho mas rapido pero era largo, tenia que digerir que ya no soy oficial por el @no siento las piernas este@ y ha ido muy bien =\\ Xabi maitia has escrito, no? No me han dado nada. Esto es diferente. Tipo aventura. Tipo buscate la vida. Nos dan cuatro instrucciones y la gente hace lo que puede. Los dos primeros son balas, pero uno es de aqui, entrena aqui… y la otra ha ganado varias carreras de eeuu. Tenia dos opciones ayer, agriarme y armarla por eliminarme y no dar media hora mas o aceptarlo e intentar hacer toda la carrera. Adaptarme a las condiciones, que son tela… y disfrutar. EStoy madurando mucho, he elegido la segunda. Voy a terminar por pelotas aunque dicen que van a subir las temperaturas y pasado ma;ana son 70km. Pa mi que el arduraduna egon da nonbaiteko zerbitzutan… ezin det izena esan. En todas las estaciones nos chequean un material obligatorio. Todo es super zorrotza. Total que somos cuatro y un tambor. Esan zuen lehen egunean @nere lana zuek sufri araztea da@. Lortu du. Baina SOY UNA SUPERVIVIENTE. Estoy disfrutando.
El paisaje es INCREIBLE. Mejor que las pelis. Es como no s’e otro mundo. Canones de verdad. Faltan los indios y los vaqueros. Absolutamente alucinante. El calor es la h. De verdad, como un horno. La gente es dura de pelar. Lentos pero aqui sino estan muertos, llegan. Fuera de control. Les da igual. Luego mucho americano. La gente mas interesante son las chicas mas mayores, medicos, una es enfermera de helicoptero.. yo hablo, tirando a menos, pero con ellas me suelto mas. Lo que no voy a hacerle al @no siento las piernas@ es amenizarle la velada.
Me miran raro, hay toque de queda. Esto es como la mili…. me pillais no…. muuuuuuu raro toooooo…… pero alucinantemente diferente. Una experiencia unica,
Muxu xabi maitia, ibai, familia y todos los que leais. No tengo ni idea de como lo hacen. lo ponen en el facebook. aunque no me extranaria que el nosientolaspiernas lo lea eta zerbait kenduko balu. edo dena. bueno, nunca pense ir a correr y acabar mandando mezu bat bildurrez. Hau da hau situaziye.
Maite zaituzte. muxu,

Monday, 15 June 2015 09:13

Stage 1 Racer Posts

Jane Herzog – Yea. Jane, Cyndie and Anita all finished! Loved the earlier start – heat wasn’t a killer until much later in the day. However, the big hill away from the river still sucks!

Cindy Kosmicki– Day 1 is complete! Hot hot hot and some good climbs. Tomorrow I will def need to use more sunscreen through day. Lots of amazing people out here. This is no joke.:) 20 down and 128 miles left to go!:) On to Day 2 in the morning.

Sheri Shaw-1st day, 20 miles, easy peasy! Not really but Im forever the optomist!

Rebecca – a few bonus miles, because I’m an overachiever 😀

Traci – So today was similar to a science experiment, which is ok with me because we all know that is my fav subject! Desert heat is way different than Florida heat…maybe because of the difference in atmosphere (kidding) but really, the altitude and absence of humidity did factor into my day. Anyway, saw a jackrabbit, lizards and picked up some pretty cool rocks and a mini skull. Didn’t see any snakes, scorpions, whales, squirrels or lions, but there was a trail called “Lion Loop” which made my day! Off to bed to prep for tomorrow’s 30(ish) miles! 🙂

Gene – The Gaia GPS App on my iPhone saved my bacon several times today! Stopped for photo ops every minute or so during the first half of the “race”. Looking forward to sharing them whenI get back.

Jim: We learn the most about our selves when this go wrong. And I think it’s safe to say things haven’t gone as planned and I’ve had some important lessons. My luggage still hasn’t arrived, it seems the airline had some issues. I’ve been sponging off of the kindness of strangers. Thank you beautiful strangers. I took a wrong turn today, ran a LOT of extra km’s and missed the cut off time. I will be posting the first DNF of my life. I’m a little bothered by that, mostly because I feel like I let people down. On the plus side, I didn’t get bitten by a rattle snake. I didn’t fall off a cliff. Or, caught in a freak desert lighting storm. On that scale, not finishing a running race, isn’t that big a deal. Look for the good.

Tara– I have to admit, after the scare talk at the pre-race meeting last night I was a bit petrified, imagining the 26 miles of deep sand I endured at Antalope Canyon 100 in February, I was plesently surpised today, there were some technical sections, but doable. The climb up to the last aid station in the heat, was the only part that was discouraging today. Mostly because I had run out of water right as the climb started and only had my Normalyte mix, the super-high sodium content without water to even it out made me lose a bit of time climbing the hill, and about 10 minutes after getting to the aid station drinking a lot of plain water, and I felt way better after that. After a 5 year struggle of getting my speed back, and figuring out how to handle the heat with the disavantaged of having POTS (Postural Orthostatic tachycarida syndrome), I was thrilled today. No heart-rate issues, no hyponautremia, I think I have figured out the formula for heat and endurance with my POTS symptoms. The Normalyte seems to absorb better into my system, and I need less water so I am not retaining water, I am feeling better, I am not constantly being slowed down by having do empty my bladder from having to overhydtrate. I kept up with the front part of the pack today, I felt energized when I finished, my legs feel fresh. I’m grateful for the months of tire-pulling, and carrying heavy packs on my long mountain training runs in the past few months. I didn’t even have this race on my radar 2 weeks, ago, but I can tell the training, and figuring out the formula for POTS running is paying off big time. I swear by Normalyte for individuals who have high eletrolyte needs than average. It got me through Squaw Peak, and seems to be working today. I didn’t suffer in the heat like I have in the past. I’m thrilled at how well I feel. I was unsure of how I would do in the heat, and resolved that I would do my best even if I didn’t make the cut-offs, and had to finish unofficially. So I was kind of blown away when I came in at 5:45, that was not really even pushing my pace, because I didn’t want to burn out the first day, and that was 1:15 ahead of the cut-off without having to kill myself to get there. For those who know my history and struggle to get back into the game after wondering if I would ever be able to run and finish ultras again in 2010, this is a huge success, and I am way beyond where my abilities were even 6 months ago thanks to a lot of support and good coaching. I was feeling pretty emotional in a good way about what I did today. I’m excited to see what I am made of tomorrow.

Gemini News

24 Hours of Utah Course Lighting Sponsor


Gemini Adventures is thrilled to announce that this year’s 24 Hours of Utah race will have LazerBrite as a sponsor! The entire course will be lit with their innovative modular LED light system. The buzz surrounding these lights has been fantastic and as soon as you see one you’ll want to try it for yourself. Luckily, LazerBrite will also be giving away some of the sticks as prizes and giveaways. The crew has been testing them out and they’re lightweight, bright, have batteries that last, are waterproof, and can be used in so many ways we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. They’re a great fit to ultra althletes!


We’re also going to try something new this year and offer packet pickup Friday night at Gearheads outdoor store in Moab. It will be from 5:30-7:30 and racers who choose to pick up their registration materials here will walk away with some really cool Lazerbrite products.

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